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  1. Shadowisp911

    What gender is this porcelain D'uccle?

    I have a 1 week old porcelain D'uccle and I was wondering what gender it is. I will try and post new pics every week. One day old. (Sorry I only got two pics of it on day one) One week old: This chick is my little fighter, first to wiggle, first to pip, and first to hatch. It is my only...
  2. Shadowisp911

    Late introduction

    Hello everybody! my name is Emma Brown. My moms name is Ragan, I have three siblings. We have twelve chickens: two buff orpingtons (one fluffs up like a turkey when she's broody. Flattens her tall and everything ) two Rhode Island reds (we had three but one was eaten by a hawk) to midnight...
  3. Shadowisp911

    Where's the best place to buy chicken eggs?

    I've been wanting to order eggs but I don't know what online sites to trust, does anybody know a good (and trustworthy) place to buy from?
  4. Shadowisp911

    Help! Does anybody know where I can buy porcelain D'Anver eggs?

    I want to hatch a porcelain d'anver but every where I look they've only got quail d'anvers(if they have d'anvers at all)! Anyone know where I can get one?
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