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  1. MissTurkey4

    Lilac Turkeys?

    Quote: I don't seem to be reading the same thing as you are. Do you have a link to that so we can all follow what your saying. I did find a good link for recessive slate. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- A RECESSIVE SLATE PLUMAGE COLOR OF...
  2. MissTurkey4

    Can a turkey's wings be clipped like a chicken's?

    Are you going to raise Broad Breasted Turkeys or Heritage turkeys? Broad Breasted turkeys are poor flyers compared to Heritage turkeys. With your fencing they would be best. My turkeys are in a 6 foot fenced breeding pen with their wings clipped. A few hens I will find perching on the fence even...
  3. MissTurkey4

    Midget whites

    If your box said New Mexico with a 88130 your turkeys were drop shipped from Privett Hatchery. That’s where most of the Midget whites come from. They might not be siblings. The problem when it is hot out is the eggs are not fertile do to the semen being killed by the heat. I have noticed a...
  4. MissTurkey4

    Lilac Turkeys?

    Quote: It was her as well but in the 2000 SPPA census report, she decided we needed to clear up all the confusion and stop calling all kinds of variations by the name lilac that sort of looked the same and actually pin it down to a specific genotype. Guess you don't have a copy of the 2000...
  5. MissTurkey4

    what to feed turkey poults

    I feed mine 28-30% protein turkey/gamebird starter until I eat them or they are breeding and laying eggs. Then I switch to a turkey breeder. They need that high protein to grow strong legs and fill out. I have tried lowering the protein after 8 weeks like some people here do but the turkeys do...
  6. MissTurkey4

    male or female can anyone tell

    I don't even try to sex them until 4 months. They change to much until then. Trying to guess before that time is just a guess like flipping a coin.
  7. MissTurkey4

    Just a few pics of my poults :)

    I agree, about 3 1/2 months. No way does the first pictures look less than 2 months.
  8. MissTurkey4

    Lilac Turkeys?

    Quote: What Glenn Drowns of Sandhill calls a lilac is not the same geneotype so IMO should not be called a lilac. He has the genotype of his all mixed up anyway.He lists sl as his slate gene and that is the recessive slate gene, (No longer in the US as far as anyone knows). I have also seen...
  9. MissTurkey4

    Lilac Turkeys?

    I was reading about "Lilacs" dated 1945 and recessive slate genes on page 313 and 314. When recessive slates of the constitution RR sl sl were mated to Bourbon Reds (ASMUNDSO19N40 ), birds with the slate color modified to a...
  10. MissTurkey4

    Turkey Genetics Feedback

    Quote: Lots of factors effect growth rate. Hybrid vigor might be one. If it is still not clear, there is a illustration from the resource that Porter was talking about...
  11. MissTurkey4

    Elvis Preseley's Favorite Pound Cake

    I love pound cake. I never found one better than this. Its been published all over the internet and is always a hit. Elvis Presley's Favorite Pound Cake Gourmet | September 2005 This is the best pound cake we have ever tasted. Its tender appeal is owed in part to cake flour and cream, and...
  12. MissTurkey4

    Can anyone guess at the age, sex and breed of my turkey?

    Quote: You can't.
  13. MissTurkey4

    Can anyone guess at the age, sex and breed of my turkey?

    Looks like a bronze hen about 3-4 months.
  14. MissTurkey4

    Lilac Turkeys?

    In 2000, Paula Johnson of the SPPA said we should refer to the b+b+DD genotype as lilac. She also stated that what Sandhill raises is not a lilac, but actually a red slate, b+b+Dd basically, but lots of his also carry b1 ,cg ,ng and r as well from what I have seen in the results. So she is the...
  15. MissTurkey4

    Lilac Turkeys?

    Quote: From your picture you do not have a slate gene in your turkeys.
  16. MissTurkey4

    Lilac Turkeys?

    Quote: Also see page 143 where that genotype it is called Slate.
  17. MissTurkey4

    Lilac Turkeys?

    Quote: Back in the 30's Marsden and Martin said when homozygous for slate (DD) the bronze color would be completely diluted resulting in a comparatively clear, light slate or "Lilac" individual which would breed true when mated among themselves. This is what I raise. What Glenn Drowns of...
  18. MissTurkey4

    What does YOUR basic tuna casserole consist of?

    I use to make it with mushroom soup and sour cream mixed with sharp cheddar. I have been using Greek Yogurt instead and it gives a nice tang. We like veggies in our tuna casserole. It can be anything but these are a few favorites sliced mushrooms, diced red peppers, onions, black olives, and...
  19. MissTurkey4

    Turkey Genetics Feedback

    Quote: The baby had a small set back yesterday but is much better than he was on Friday. I just want to bring him home and hold him. They were not letting me hold him for more than 15 minutes a day. Here you go. I think I fixed it all. What a mess I did to it. Bourbon Red Tom (b+b+NgNgrr) X...
  20. MissTurkey4

    Nice friend brought me babies but what are they?

    When you look at them do you see red or is it just on my screen?
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