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  1. chix4smokin

    White legs

    Every year i've noticed a few of my cornish cross have white legs. This batch of 200 all have white legs! Has anybody else noticed this? I thought maybe they would change with age but i have a suprise party planned for them wednesday morning . And they're still white
  2. chix4smokin

    butchered turkeys this weekend

    that was not the easiest thing!!! It wasn't anything like doing the cornish cross. The turkeys are so friendly and happy to see you. They weighed from 18-28lbs. I will definately be doing them again next year as they were actually fun to raise (besides d-day).
  3. chix4smokin

    first egg hanging out in a sack

    I came home today and checked on the girls. I noticed one of the young ones had an egg hanging out and it was in a little sack. It is her first egg did something go wrong? I caught her and found a perforated part of the sack thing and worked it out. I've never had this before!! I checked on her...
  4. chix4smokin

    in the freezer!!

    We processed 171 cornish-x yesterday. Today we shrink bagged them (wow those work great). I started with 202 and ended up with 171, a little higher loss than i wanted to see but it sounds like i'm not alone this year. I am exhausted but still can't get over my Grampa's smile running the plucker...
  5. chix4smokin

    Albino Cornish-X?

    So i noticed that one of the cornish-x hens i have had white legs and beak. Has anybody else seen this?
  6. chix4smokin

    my meaty setup

    here are some pics i wanted to share of my outdoor brooders. each one has 100 chicks.
  7. chix4smokin

    How much feed????

    Ok i'm doing the math and it looks like 3600 lbs. of feed to raise 175 cornish cross. Does it seem like i'm in the ball park?
  8. chix4smokin

    cornish from Welp?

    Has anybody had good luck with cornish from Welp hatcheries? I'm looking at ordering from them this year.
  9. chix4smokin


    I'm going to do one big batch of chickens in the spring. But i want to do some turkeys when they are done. My question is i guess do the broad breasted white and broad breasted bronze grow at the same rate? I'm assuming that the white are similar to the cornish cross as far as growth rate (am i...
  10. chix4smokin

    interesting article thought i would share

    Picking out a quality chicken at the supermarket is a guessing game. The terms fresh, organic, free-range, all natural, and lean rarely indicate good flavor or texture, and neither does price. For our tasting, we gathered nine widely available brands of chicken. We chose broiler/fryers that...
  11. chix4smokin

    ate my first tonight!!

    All I can say is mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm good!!!! My cornish are 6 1/2 weeks now and a roo developed a leg problem yesterday. Dressed out 4lbs. It was tasty to say the least. I have 21 more cornish that will be ready soon. I also got 26 red broilers at the same time, they don't eat near as much and do...
  12. chix4smokin

    what type broilers

    Hi, I am going to raise some broilers for my first time , and have been trying to figure out which are the best.. I smoke alot of chickens and decided to raise my own this time and make it even more rewarding. I am in the process of building a coop 8x12 hoping it will be sufficent for 50 chicks...
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