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  1. chickgarden

    egg shell with "clear areas"

    I'm not sure how to describe my question, and maybe that's why I haven't been able to find any posts on it. I have a 5 year old Brown Leghorn and she lays regularly, but I've noticed her last few eggs have looked a little different. Towards the pointy end of the egg there has been a small area...
  2. chickgarden

    when does mother hen take chicks to eat

    Hi! We've raised chicks before, but have never let a broody hatch her own. When will she start taking the chicks out to eat? She is in a nesting box, I can tell she's been out, but I'm not sure the chicks have gone with her yet. They hatched two days ago. Should I help make sure they all...
  3. chickgarden

    Separate broody hen from flock?

    Hi! I have a Silkie sitting on 9 fertile eggs. She is due to hatch them in about 4 days if my timing is correct. Currently she is in a nesting box in a small coop that she normally shares with just one other Silkie. (It's probably 3x4 feet, but they literally cram in the same nesting box...
  4. chickgarden

    how many males together?

    We hatched some grocery store quail eggs 6 weeks ago and ended up with 3 males and one female. Up until a few days ago they all lived happily together. About 3 days ago one male started chasing the other two off so they have each found other places to live, but they seem "lonesome". Can I...
  5. chickgarden

    Week old chick with eye injury? or no eye?

    We hatched Silkie chicks a week ago. We had 14 and have given some away so it's easier to tell them apart now. While checking for pasty butt I noticed one chick with it's eye closed. It has a dryish patch above the eye. When I gently raise the eyelid we can see a watery looking gray area, but...
  6. chickgarden

    Any advice for newly hatched chicks?

    We just hatched chicks for our first time. We had 14 Silkie eggs and shockingly (to me at least) they all hatched! The first one hatched yesterday morning and the last one hatched this morning. Once the hatch was finished we moved the bigger and dry chicks into the brooder to help the newly...
  7. chickgarden

    Another egg eater question

    I know there are plenty of egg eater questions, but I wasn't able to quite find what I was looking for. I think I have an egg eater but not quite sure. I found an egg last week that looked like it might have had been poked with a chicken toe. It was dented but not leaking and left in the nest...
  8. chickgarden

    Quail id?

    We just hatched some quail about a week ago. The eggs were bought at HMart, which is a grocery store. Of the 4 we have three look the same, they have the stripe down the back like the pictures I see of most Coturnix quail chicks. The 4th is quite a bit bigger and doesn't have the stripe down...
  9. chickgarden

    Candling on day 6 - picture

    We have 15 Silkie eggs in the incubator. We thought we would give candling a try using my phone flashlight. We just looked at about 4 of the eggs and all 4 had veining and what I'm guessing is an eye. We could also see movement. It was a pretty exciting to see. Here's one of the eggs...
  10. chickgarden

    when to adjust incubator heat for hatching

    I tried searching for this on here, but wasn't able to come up with anything (could have been searching for the wrong wording). I'm on my first try at hatching chicken eggs. I've got a still air Hova Bator and I'm turning them 3 times a day. The directions said to monitor the temp because as...
  11. chickgarden

    Trouble getting temp right

    This is my first time incubating chicken (Silkie) eggs. We just hatched some quail eggs bought at local Asian market (HMart) and had 10 out of 20 hatch. From seeing what other people got (around 20-40% hatch rate) I thought we did pretty well, especially since they were in the refrigerated...
  12. chickgarden

    Thinking of getting ducks :)

    HI! I've tried searching the forums but had some questions that I couldn't really find the answer to. I have chickens, and have been raising them for 4 years. This year we are thinking of adding 2 or 3 ducks. From what I've read it's probably best to keep them separate. I've used an ecoglow...
  13. chickgarden

    Droplets on outside of newly laid egg

    Hi, I have searched the website and could not find anything that sounded similar to this. Today I collected eggs and sat them in a warm sunny spot for about 5 minutes or so while I checked on something in my yard. Between the time I sat them down and went to take them in I noticed what looked...
  14. chickgarden

    Eggs okay to eat?

    Hi, I've tried searching threads for an answer but wasn't able to find a very clear answer. I have three Silkies who go broody pretty often. I have no rooster. I have had two broody for almost two weeks now. The other non broody Silkie lays an egg a day in the same box the other two are...
  15. chickgarden

    Silkie coop question

    Hi! We are just finishing up our coop for a few Silkies. What's the smallest that the chicken door into the coop can be? Is 8 or 9 inches tall enough? Also what type and how high should roosts for them be? How about nest boxes size? Thanks!
  16. chickgarden

    Is this usual?

    Hi, we are hatching quail eggs for the first time (first time hatching anything). These were shipped eggs so I know the hatch rate will be much lower. We had 2 hatch yesterday (about day 16 1/2) and one more today. Only one other egg looks like it has pipped. That means 20 are doing nothing...
  17. chickgarden

    First "lockdown" ever today! Update - one has hatched!

    Today is day 14! I have about 24 eggs in and really excited to see how many hatch. I'm guessing that means they should start to hatch around April 15th.
  18. chickgarden

    Rat poison and egg safety

    Well, I'm so upset with myself! I was refilling rat bait stations today, at the time the chickens were in their run. I let them out a little later. When I went to put them back in I realized I had left an opened package with the bait in it. I'm almost sure that they did not get into it, but...
  19. chickgarden

    Today is Day 1!

    After many weeks of planning and reading up on coturnix quail we are officially on day 1!! My daughter and I marked the Xs and O's on each tiny egg and put them in the incubator. Somehow I accidentally poked a small hole in one as I marked it :( I'm assuming that one won't hatch, but I put it in...
  20. chickgarden

    Ceiling height question

    I've been reading that a coop for quail should not be higher than 12" in case the quail are startled and flush. For ease of cleaning and also looks I'm wondering if people have ideas on something to use as sort of a soft "false " ceiling so the height can be closer to 2 feet. But safe for the...
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