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  1. edgarmongold

    Breeding Box Dimensions for Portuguese Tumblers

    Need information on the dimensions for a breeding pen nest box. Large enough to house a pair during breeding season. Height Length Width Thank you for your assistance
  2. edgarmongold

    SOP gets bad rap because it is not applied

    Lots of talk about SOP and that it only applies to exhibition quality poultry. There are some strains that lack production traits to concentrate on fine points for shows. There are poor breeders raising farm flocks. Pages 28 and 29 discuss how to evaluate the shape among other traits that all...
  3. edgarmongold

    New Hampshire Bantams bred to SOP

    Discussion on New Hampshire Bantam Check out FB page New Hampshire Breeders Club of America New Hampshire SOP
  4. edgarmongold

    Black Marans Bantam Breeders needed for ABA/APA recognization

    Need breeders that are interested in breeding and showing the Black Marans bantam according to the MCCUSA's official standard. What we have are project birds that need refined in type and egg color. Email me at: [email protected]
  5. edgarmongold

    Exhibition American Serama

    This thread is for discussing table top judging, in coop judging, score card evaluation and breeding American Serama to ABA recognized color descriptions. Anything else can be discussed at the "American Serama" thread.
  6. edgarmongold

    Bantam Marans

    Working on getting bantam Marans breeders together for sharing of information and eventually getting them recognized. Email: [email protected] if interested.
  7. edgarmongold

    Black Marans bantams bred to the French Standard

    Looking to connect with others that are interested in breeding towards ABA/APA recognization of this breed and variety.
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