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  1. South Bay Beach Bum

    Could the yellow genes in Cortunix quail cause fertility issues?

    I have several beautiful yellow cortunix quail that are 8 weeks old. On page 101 of K. Puddephatt's book Urban Quail-Keeping she states that goldens can have high fatalities and health complications. My males are not producing foam, nor do they crow, and the females are laying eggs that are...
  2. South Bay Beach Bum

    What age do males sexually mature?

    I am getting a dozen eggs a day, but my males are not producing foam. They are 8 weeks old today. When will the males be ready to do their jobs?
  3. South Bay Beach Bum

    Quail cage ideas

    Hi everyone, I am in the process of designing my first quail cage to raise quail for harvest, save the poop for composting, and collecting the eggs easily. What specifics do I need to keep in mind? The cage will be outside with a little roof over it. The winters here are very mild with frost...
  4. South Bay Beach Bum

    Hi everyone! I am excited to start to raise quail in an urban back yard

    My name is Shelly, I taught oceanography for 22 years in a city located in the South Santa Monica Bay. (south of Los Angeles, CA) I just retired from teaching and have started a garden and now want to raise quail to harvest for meat, poop to compost for my garden, and the eggs will be a bonus.
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