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  1. Str4b3rryb33

    Aiolos has something wrong! Pox?

    My bird, Aiolos, is being exposed to his new flockmates (who are still young and have not been named yet). Those flockmates were quarantined for over two months. I thought it was safe to start introduction, especially since the new hens have no symptoms. They're also still eating medicated...
  2. Str4b3rryb33

    Dallas TX Pullets Wanted!

    I'm only looking for hens, as I already have two roos I need some more hens! Preferred pullets, but will take older birds as well. Just need three! Please message and let me know if you have any birds for sale in my area.
  3. Str4b3rryb33

    I am unsure of breed/gender.

    This baby was picked up at a local feed store, and I was wondering what the specifics were. Any one have an idea? I want to say its between two and three weeks old.
  4. Str4b3rryb33

    My First Eggs!

    My chickens weren't expected to lay for another month at least, I have two barred rocks and an unknown. BUT HERE WE ARE! THREE BEAUTIFUL EGGS!
  5. Str4b3rryb33

    Princess... or Prince?

    It was just brought to my attention that my baby, affectionately known as Princess might be a roo... I have a roo already and am not supposed to- they are not allowed in my city. Can y'all tell if she is a he?
  6. Str4b3rryb33

    Need Home For Rooster; Ashtabula(OH)/Erie (PA) Area

    I have two roos, and unfortunately only have room for one. Moltres is a very good bird, I have raised him since he was a chick. Hes a little over three months old. He is a Seabright, not aggressive at all, but likes to be noisy. I'm asking for a $20 rehoming fee to assure he will go to a safe...
  7. Str4b3rryb33

    What is Graybeak?

    Princess is my Brown Cochin banty. Graybeak is a bantam... but what IS he? Graybeak is the bab on the left in this pic when he was a wee bab. Can any one help? His tail feathers are green.
  8. Str4b3rryb33

    What breed is Princess?

    This is Princess. I got her around three weeks ago from TSC, and when I first brought this set of babies home I had already had two sets of babies. She (gosh, I hope she's a she) was droopy and seemed sick at the store so naturally I brought her home to love her. The photo above was taken...
  9. Str4b3rryb33

    I wanna see your Chicken Selfies!

    Show me your cutest chicken Selfies! I'll start! Here is Charlie, my sweet babe. I was scritching under her chin, and she loved it. It was awesome!
  10. Str4b3rryb33

    Hello, my name is Bee!

    (1) Are you new to chickens / when did you first get chickens? I'm pretty new to chickens! I first handled a chicken in March, when I fell in love with my mother's inseparable duckling and chicken duo. Beeper and Morse were my babies, but I had to leave them in Texas when my vacation ended and I...
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