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  1. RabbitGirl

    Wyandotte Chick Mix-up!

    Like @oldhenlikesdogs said, maybe separate them by their colors and take pictures, It will be easier to pick out the breeds.
  2. RabbitGirl

    Greetings from Wisconsin!

    Hi, welcome! I'm happy you joined! :welcome
  3. RabbitGirl

    New to chickens

    Welcome! I'm excited for you to share your chicken journey with our awesome platform! I hope you enjoy it here! :frow
  4. RabbitGirl

    A few more can't hurt....

    That's 30 chickens if they all hatch! Good luck! Are you planning on keeping all of them, maybe you could adopt some out? Keep the updates coming! :frow
  5. RabbitGirl

    New chicks

    I'm so sorry for your loss, last year my chicken and I had an incident with a red tailed hawk but thankfully we both survived. <3 I would strongly recommend Americanas, they are very kind and lay beautiful blue green eggs. Australorps also lay very well in my experience, same with Rhode Island...
  6. RabbitGirl

    New Member

    Welcome to BYC!! :frowI have been raising chickens with my dad @Nifty-Chicken since I can remember. Currently I have 6 chickens. To start a flock it is usually best to get 3... or more 😅 . To answer your question "why 3" Chickens are very social animals, they need each other to keep warm, you...
  7. RabbitGirl

    I Got Impaled by a Hawk While Saving my Chicken!

    The hawk only had her for a second before I grabbed it, the injury was mainly on her head.
  8. RabbitGirl

    I Got Impaled by a Hawk While Saving my Chicken!

    I can't believe it's been a year since all this craziness! 😅 Scarlet and I are both doing great! Thank you everyone who took the time to read this thread, have a wonderful day :frow
  9. RabbitGirl

    Awe i'm so sorry for your loss ❤

    Awe i'm so sorry for your loss ❤
  10. RabbitGirl

    Male or Female? Rhode Island Red

    They are about 2 months old now what do you think? Stella (black+gold) - FEMALE Paprika (red) - UNKNOWN We're suspecting Paprika to be a roo due to behavior and appearance but still aren't sure.
  11. RabbitGirl

    Male or Female? Rhode Island Red

    I currently can't get a picture but it is more yellow than pink
  12. RabbitGirl

    Male or Female? Rhode Island Red

    Yes in the first she is about 2-2 1/2 weeks
  13. RabbitGirl

    Oh Lord, what have I done?/home made butter

    Hi! Welcome to BYC! :welcome This is Paprika and Stella
  14. RabbitGirl

    Male or Female? Rhode Island Red

    This is my Rhode Island Red Paprika! "She" is sooo cute and loving but is growing a comb pretty quick... what do you think? "She's" about 3 weeks old now. Thank you! :frow
  15. RabbitGirl

    4 week old Rhode Island Red; Male or Female?

    Did you find out? I've been looking for Rhode Island Reds to compare to mine What do you think? Hen or roo?
  16. RabbitGirl

    New Additions To Our Flock

    *UPDATE PIC* They're getting so big so fast!
  17. RabbitGirl

    New Additions To Our Flock

    Hello animal lovers, owners, and soon to be owners! Yesterday (March-31-2019) we got 2 new additions to our flock! :celebrate We're still not completely sure on the names but we're probably going with Paprika (Rhode Island Red) :love & Stella (Golden Laced Wyandotte) :love If anyone wants...
  18. RabbitGirl

    I Got Impaled by a Hawk While Saving my Chicken!

    Update!!! I currently don't have any pictures, but Scarlet and I are back to our normal selves. :celebrate Well she might still be a bit traumatized but she's acting pretty much the same as before the "incident". I still have small "scratches" but just enough so you can see where it...
  19. RabbitGirl

    Has anyone ever used this pet playpen.

    I'm not sure if I have that exact one but I do have one very similar to it and it works very well. Just make sure you give her lots of love and let her out every once and a while, especially when she gets bigger. :frow
  20. RabbitGirl

    does anyone here draw mythical creatures or animals in general?

    All the time! I love art!
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