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  1. RabbitGirl

    Male or Female? Rhode Island Red

    This is my Rhode Island Red Paprika! "She" is sooo cute and loving but is growing a comb pretty quick... what do you think? "She's" about 3 weeks old now. Thank you! :frow
  2. RabbitGirl

    New Additions To Our Flock

    Hello animal lovers, owners, and soon to be owners! Yesterday (March-31-2019) we got 2 new additions to our flock! :celebrate We're still not completely sure on the names but we're probably going with Paprika (Rhode Island Red) :love & Stella (Golden Laced Wyandotte) :love If anyone wants...
  3. RabbitGirl

    I Got Impaled by a Hawk While Saving my Chicken!

    So we had just let out our three chickens (Scarlet, GJ, and Twilight) my dad @Nifty-Chicken went inside and I was feeding them some wheat seeds when a Red Tailed Hawk came out of nowhere and started attacking Scarlet! My baby! My little one! My only thought process was “save Scarlet” I wasn’t...
  4. RabbitGirl

    Solved Is There a Way to Not Get/Clear Notifications From Reviews and Articles?

    Hi i'm just wondering if there is a way to not get/clear notifications from reviews and articles? If there is please tell me how. Thank you -April :)
  5. RabbitGirl

    Finally Introducing Myself! :)

    Hello animal lovers, owners, and soon to be owners! I'm going to go through the 1-7 intro questions, let's begin! (1) Are you new to chickens / when did you first get chickens? No, I've had chickens all my life <3 (2) How many chickens do you have right now? Sadly for now 3, although we used...
  6. RabbitGirl

    Personalized Theme Color Per User

    I think it would be a cool/fun idea if there was a theme color that each person could change in their personal details. Such as if someone wanted the background to be green, grey, purple, etc instead of blue. So if someone wanted they could make it happen. Just a suggestion. -April
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