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  1. Ol Grey Mare

    Mareks vaccination.....

    Is there a non-leaky vaccine for mareks? I ask as I recently became aware a local retailer sells chicks that are vaccinated. I asked how long they had been doing so and mentioned leakage as a specific concern in not making it clear to everyone that they chicks were vaccinated. The retailers...
  2. Ol Grey Mare

    RAW/BARF feeders.....?

    Venturing into raw feeding for out canine and feline family members.... hoping to network with anyone else here who does, or has, feed this way.....
  3. Ol Grey Mare

    Side-by-side comparison reference shots

    Going through some pictures and found some I have of cockerels & pullets together that really illustrate differences and thought some of you may have some to. Mixed flock keepers dont always have the advantage of more than one of a breed to compare....thought it would be fun for us to share...
  4. Ol Grey Mare

    Movie quotes......

    Thought this could be fun for nerds like me who see life as an endless opportunity for movie quotes, lol. Post a quote from a movie.....first to guess posts the next quote..... "I carried a watermelon".....
  5. Ol Grey Mare

    Silver spangled hamburg 5 1/2 weeks

    New to me breed, and a bit of wishful thinking(is meant to he my daughter's bird)has me at the point that I can't trust myself on gender for this one.....only one of this breed so nothing to compare to
  6. Ol Grey Mare

    OR, hatchery order extras LOCAL PU ONLY

    I will have 9 extra egg production units available this week. Fresh off the "assembly line", shipment should arrive end of week. All ordered as pullets, so usual 90% accuracy to be expected.....will have Whiting true green (green layer) Silver Spangled Hamburg Appenzeller Spitzhauben (silver...
  7. Ol Grey Mare

    I did a thing today ......

    I made a test batch of homemade treat blocks this morning (working on some things for a home & garden show in the spring where I'll be selling my homegrown meal worms, no waste feeders, waterers and some other backyard chicken things). They got a little dark on the bottoms, going to have to see...
  8. Ol Grey Mare

    Meal worm farming

    My adult daughter and her husband recently came to stay with us while they are in transition to living here near us ( :celebrate). She inherited the crazy chicken lady gene from me and had to sell off her flock for the move, so shes quite enjoyed being able to share my flock., and shes helped...
  9. Ol Grey Mare


    Score one more for early integration...... this is 4 week old Agnes and her new best friend, Edith, 8 weeks old. Currently in the coop are 2 week, 4 week, 8 week and 14 month old batch of hatchlings due next friday
  10. Ol Grey Mare

    Temporary confinement/brooding panel

    My latest request has been completed by my resident builder (husband). This was part of the long term plan of this coop from the beinning and I've had a chance to try it out now. Primarily intended to create an in-coop brooding space, it also works as a separator for non-communicable issues...
  11. Ol Grey Mare

    Cherry Stone Grit users...a favor

    Anybody here use cherry stone grit products? I have a favor to ask if you do. I need someone to drop a handful into a glass of water and post a pic of what it looks like in water. I'd really really like to see #1 size if you have it.
  12. Ol Grey Mare

    "Are you sure " when liking posts

    Every time I "like " a post a new page loaded asking more if I'm sure I want to like that post send requires clicking a confirmation button, at which point oyt reloads to the original page/ thread send shows I have liked the post? Extra steps, feels clunky, frustrating.
  13. Ol Grey Mare


    My FIL has mentioned more than once the amazing tapioca his mom used to make -- she is long since passed away, so no asking her for the recipe, but I'm hoping I might be able to at least make something that he will enjoy even if it isn't the same as "mom used to make". I have tapioca pearls...
  14. Ol Grey Mare

    Can you confirm/deny (without having to kill me afterwards, lol)

    I have seen it mentioned in threads where a new user is experiencing difficulty posting photos that users "have to have a certain number of posts to post photos" (the number that is quoted varies from 5-10 or more) - however, I have also seen posts that are the very first (and only) post by a...
  15. Ol Grey Mare

    Flax Seed

    So, I will soon have an abundance of flax seed available courtesy of the left overs from a craft project (best deal is to order the 50 pound sack of feed grade through my feed guy vs. paying a ridiculous amount for small bags of "food grade" - last time around I ended up with about half a bag...
  16. Ol Grey Mare

    Are Poultry Farmers Creating Superbugs? (article title - not my wording)

    Came across this just now on MSN's newsfeed page- "ARE CHICKEN FARMERS CREATING SUPER BUGS?" -and while it is in regards to commercial producers this is something to know is being put out there even if you have only a small flock because we know the general public has a habit of taking half the...
  17. Ol Grey Mare

    Burger King Chicken Fry commercial......

    So, sitting in a hotel, flipping channels and this comes on - and my only thought was, "Why are those two hens talking in male voices?" I'm such a chicken nerd, lol.
  18. Ol Grey Mare

    I think Eleanor took the suggestion a litte too literally.....

    So, this morning we added a new layer to the roll call - Eleanor (Light Brahma - 21 weeks) - though I think she took the golf ball "bait eggs" a little too literally, because this is what she presented us with: It is almost perfectly round..........crazy chicken!
  19. Ol Grey Mare

    10 week old wyandottes

    The silvers: 1 2 1&2 head shots 3 the golds: 1 2 3
  20. Ol Grey Mare

    10 week old BO

    This is Fat Amy (Albert?, lol) - 10 weeks old and getting awfully red Nugget:
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