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  1. wingsofglory

    Organic Control of Stick Tight Fleas??

    DE is diatomaceous earth. It is the shells of microscopic diatoms, it is not "dirt". There is "food grade" to use around chickens, swimming pool grade for their filters, and home/garden grade with toxic insecticides and contaminants in it not necessarily listed on the label because of...
  2. wingsofglory

    Alaska Chicken Lover's Soup for the Cold!!

    Paula - where do you get your fish meal? It really is true the chickens need the animal protein. I've had chickens here for four years around 2000 - 2005. Used Budget Feed's fishmeal feed/barley/etc, my chickens had great feathers, glossy, and always healthy. Then left the state for five...
  3. wingsofglory

    Swollen Legs, Please Help!

    I think it got away from the neighbor's cat. Has wounds on her legs, so maybe staph infection.
  4. wingsofglory

    Swollen Legs, Please Help!

    I'm so sorry. Thank you for getting back to me.
  5. wingsofglory

    Swollen Legs, Please Help!

    How has it turned for your Welsummer with swollen legs? I did a search on the forum here on swollen legs, and yours look like one of mine. Did you find out what it was? Did it go away and she got better?
  6. wingsofglory

    Does anyone have a solution to egg eating?

    I've been through this with three different flocks. When the egg becomes food to them, I found no way to change their minds. Mustard/hot sauce didn't work for me either. Do a search on BYC for "Opa's roll out nestboxes". He has photos and plans for building roll out nests out of plywood. Work...
  7. wingsofglory

    How did she come out like this? A chicken genetic expert needed.

    Could you post a side view of her? Is she leaning over, or is she that shape always?
  8. wingsofglory

    Women coop builders

    Yes, I use screws for most everything. So easy to back the screw out and redo if change the design or relocate something, or make a mistake. Great for fastening hardware cloth wire with screws and fender washers. Best money I've ever spent is for two drills - one for drilling the hole, and one...
  9. wingsofglory

    A "float" automatic coop door

    I love it!!! It even looks very nice all finished, installed, and painted. Good work!
  10. wingsofglory

    How to identify an egg-eating chicken?

    To catch the culprit, I had to take a chair and novel out into the coop and just watched them, while I read the book. Paid off. Very alarming to see a hen laying her egg with four hens perched waiting for the egg to fall, then fighting over it once laid - the layer turned around and joined the...
  11. wingsofglory

    Feather Pecking

    Feed them hamburger or cod to supply any missing protein that might be making them crave feathers. Are they eating the whole feather, or are they pulling the big feathers and just eating the meat on its end? Just wondering. Mine are doing this too now - eating the whole feather. As I see one...
  12. wingsofglory

    Does your rooster set up the nest box for his girls?

    Its so cute. I didn't have my nest boxes built yet - I was thinking of having them built for their 20th week. Well about their 17th or 18th week, my EE rooster started scouting out possible nest locations. He checked all around the house, behind bushes and near support posts, and on the large...
  13. wingsofglory

    Beat the Heat: Build a chicken igloo!

    I think those big plastic black tubs they mix cement in would work to hold more chickens. They are very sturdy. In Lowe's and Home Depot, about two feet by three plus feet, for about nine dollars. They come in a smaller size too. Great idea.
  14. wingsofglory

    Alaska Chicken Lover's Soup for the Cold!!

    Hi, I have Buff Chanteclers, Gold Brabanters, Cream Brabanters, Blue-black Ameraucanas, and one Black Copper Marans pullet. I'm between Palmer and Wasilla.
  15. wingsofglory

    Introducing Chicks to Chickens

    Just open the door of the chick's quarters. They will venture out when they feel confident. The first week they will practice running in and out of the door. Makes sense, if danger happens, they have to have it down. The next two, three weeks they will play around about ten feet out from the...
  16. wingsofglory

    Hen laying from perch at night -- breaking eggs!

    Something might have frightened her about going outside to lay her egg at night in the boxes under the awning. Maybe just the darkness, here, it is getting darker at night and earlier also. I would put another nest box inside. Even a milk crate will work. Make it easy to get in and out of in...
  17. wingsofglory

    Why Can't Hatcheries Keep Pure Ameraucanas?

    Hatchery easter eggers are not Ameraucanas that became mutts. It happened the other way round - the mutts became "pure" by selective breeding. Years ago, people who wanted their easter eggers to breed true to color, took hatchery birds and developed color lines by selective breeding, then...
  18. wingsofglory

    Help me choose some breeds!

    I'm trying Buff Chanteclers from Ideal Hatchery who will ship to Hawaii. I really like them. The chicks are calm and confident and friendly. I love their gold color. People who have them say they are broody. Check the Chantecler thread here on BYC.. Also lay a large egg, light brown. When I...
  19. wingsofglory

    Does anyone grow pennyroyal for the mites and lice????

    The pennyroyal sounds good. In movies, prisoners eat tobacco when they want to go to the hospital - it makes them very very sick. I don't think I'd put tobacco in there.
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