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  1. RachelFromTheBlackLagoon

    Otherwise gentle rooster relentlessly harassing my favorite hen!

    My d'Uccle/Ameraucana rooster is just a year old. He's always been wonderful with my hens and I've never seen any aggression from him. He steers clear of people; has never flogged, postured or challenged me. He's beautiful, docile, and sweet with his girls. My five pigeons even live in the coop...
  2. RachelFromTheBlackLagoon

    Is this a West of England?

    This goose was found on the side of the road and so far nobody has come forward for her. I've also picked up a duck and a rooster in the same spot, so either somebody keeps dumping animals there or animals keep getting loose from someone in the area. So is she a West of England? She'll need...
  3. RachelFromTheBlackLagoon

    I have sort of an odd request...

    Would anyone be willing to mail me ANY neat looking feathers to make feather jewelry and other such crafts? I would especially love sickle feathers from roosters, iridescent, spotted, barred, or otherwise neat looking feathers, guinea or peacock feathers, etc. I can paypal you the postage and...
  4. RachelFromTheBlackLagoon

    Watched "The Cove" for the first time last night.

    I'd been seeing the previews for weeks and hadn't planned on actually watching the documentary. I am very sensitive about things like that and knew I'd be hysterical. However, by the time it aired last night I decided that forcing myself to watch would be worth it if it meant being able to...
  5. RachelFromTheBlackLagoon

    Raw diet for cat with Chronic Kidney Disease?

    I have a 7 year old indoor cat who's being treated for trauma-induced CKD. He's maintaining very well and you'd never know he was "ill". His last bloodwork was done a little over a week ago and his kidney values were almost normal again. My vet gave us the OK to decrease his subQ fluids from 7...
  6. RachelFromTheBlackLagoon

    I have a question about commercial meat rabbits.

    I was discussing raw pet diets with a woman I know. She feeds her cat a premixed ground rabbit diet from a small local raw pet food company. On their website it says nothing about "organic" or "hormone free" or anything of that nature, nor does it claim that these rabbits are locally raised on a...
  7. RachelFromTheBlackLagoon

    Vegetarian looking for local meat source near Wallingford, CT!

    I've been doing a lot of research on raw prey model diets and I'd like to switch my dogs and cats. I have just begun looking for a local source of meat (Including, but not limited to muscle meat, necks, organs, connective tissue, meaty bones, whole small carcasses) and I thought this may be a...
  8. RachelFromTheBlackLagoon

    Is this for real?!

    And if so, when will the destruction STOP?!
  9. RachelFromTheBlackLagoon

    What to do with BEETS and FENNEL?

    A friend of mine just gave me some. I've only ever eaten canned beats. Should I roast them? I'd like to do something with the greens, as well. Any good recipes out there? I have NO idea what to do with the fennel. I've got two bulbs, including the stalks and fronds. I'm really not into strong...
  10. RachelFromTheBlackLagoon

    Painful scoliosis.

    I am 26 years old and was recently diagnosed with mild scoliosis after seeing the doctor several times for a tender, painful area on my spine. She suggested that I begin physical therapy and was supposed to refer me. I am in the process of switching physicians, due to many mix-ups and lots of...
  11. RachelFromTheBlackLagoon

    Vegan "meat" loaf!

    I had been looking for a good meatless loaf recipe and stumbled upon this one I made it last night and it came out really delicious! There are a few things I'd suggest for this recipe. First of all, I couldn't find Marmite anywhere...
  12. RachelFromTheBlackLagoon

    ATTENTION: MAGGOT FARMERS! Think this will work?

    I was looking around my garage and shed for a bucket or other materials to make a fly trap/maggot feeder and I stumbled across this automatic dog food dispenser. I cut a piece of hardware cloth and placed it in the bottom of the jug, over the hole where the dog food falls into the attached bowl...
  13. RachelFromTheBlackLagoon

    Looking to adopt 2 pigeon hens in/around CT

    I've currently got four adopted pigeons; three cocks and a newly adopted hen (who I didn't know was a hen until yesterday). She has chosen to pair up with one of my boys and it's causing some problems in my flock. I'd like to find two hens who need a home, breed doesn't matter, but they must be...
  14. RachelFromTheBlackLagoon

    Mille Fleur d'Uccle X Ameraucana chick gender help, please!

    I had a friend of mine pick up a gorgeous d'Uccle hen (now named, Dottie) from a farm in MA on his way to visit me in CT. The seller also unexpectedly packed along this chick that Dottie hatched, now approximately 8 weeks old. I'm sort of guessing it's a cockerel, but hoping that I end up being...
  15. RachelFromTheBlackLagoon

    Boney silkie hen!

    Well, I think I FINALLY broke my broody silkie using the wire cage method, but she is VERY THIN. She's eating, drinking, scratching around, etc. so I'm not concerned that she's in danger or anything, I'm just wondering if there is anything special I can or should do for her? Or should I just let...
  16. RachelFromTheBlackLagoon

    I am receiving these for my birthday next week :)
  17. RachelFromTheBlackLagoon

    ATTN: Morrissey/The Smiths fans!

    My friend Geoff has an amazing blog with tons and tons of Moz goodies. If you like Moz, you'll love Geoff's blog. Check it: And as an extra little treat, here's an epic video that I can't stop watching:
  18. RachelFromTheBlackLagoon

    WOOHOOOOO! The Great Cochin Bantam Search has finally paid off! *PICS*

    All of the googling and searching and emailing and PMing has finally paid off! I just bought these little cuties from Stephanie (Fattie) and they'll be here on Friday!!! Aren't they ADORABLE?! All of my birds, including my pigeons, have Pee Wee Herman character names. These two will be...
  19. RachelFromTheBlackLagoon

    I can't find Cochin bantams anywhere! :( Waaahhh!

    I have wanted ads on craigslist, I check craigslist multiple times a day, I have been checking eggbid, the sale forums here, I posted in the wanted forum, I've googled and emailed breeders, searched for and messaged breeders here and so far I haven't found my Cochin I got a response from one...
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