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  1. ARchick

    Anybody have naked necks from Ideal?

    I got 2 in my shipment from Ideal yesterday morning. I was just wondering what color they will turn out to be. They are the same color as my white rock chicks that came with them right now so I was wondering if they would be white also. Thanks!!
  2. ARchick

    What will it look like as adult??

    My broody hatched this little chick yesterday. It is a cross of a Buff Orpington rooster & a Barred Rock hen. Anybody have any pictures of this cross as adults. I'm praying it is a hen.
  3. ARchick

    Quick ? about 2 new babies with Broody (Updated photos pg.2)

    I've got a little mille d'uccle bantam that looks like is about to hatch 2 new babies today. She got off the nest a minute ago to eat & I looked at her 2 eggs she's been setting on & they appear to be hatching. They've got a hole in them & when I touched them they started peeping. Question is...
  4. ARchick

    Broody Hen/Egg ? Help!!

    I had a little d'uccle hen go broody over a week ago. She has been setting on 4 eggs for the last week. When I went to the barn a minute ago she had gotten off the nest today and apparently gotten back in the wrong nest box. She was sitting on 3 eggs that were layed today in a different box and...
  5. ARchick

    Buff Orp/Barred Rock cross

    Just wondering if anybody has any pictures of what they would look like as adults. I've got a Buff Orp Roo and was wondering what the babies would look like from my Barred Rock hens. Thanks for any help.
  6. ARchick

    Lost my only EE to a hawk, will this work??

    I took my family to the Zoo today after lunch & were only gone for about 4 hrs. When I returned I went to check on the chickens & noticed my 9 week old EE was missing & the other adult chickens & 9 weekers were acting spooked. I found her in the run & most of her was eaten. I'm sure it was a...
  7. ARchick

    Baby chick pecking other chicks eyes

    Well, I've had to put one of my 2 baby Ameracauna pullets in chicky jail already. For some reasong it is pecking all the other chicks in their eyes really hard & I'm scared it's about to cause some serious injury. We separated her where she can still see the others but can't get to them & they...
  8. ARchick

    2 days & still no chickds from Ideal

    My chicks shipped on the 17th & should have been here this morning. I called the post office a few minutes ago to check & they said no chicks arrived this morning. I'm afraid I'll lose a bunch if it's tomorrow before I get them.
  9. ARchick

    Anybody else expecting chicks from Ideal's hatch today??

    After I lost 7 of my 13 eleven week olds to a raccoon Friday night I ordered 11 more from Ideal. They shipped today & I can't wait. I learned a lesson & hopefully there won't be anymore coon problems.
  10. ARchick

    New Flock Disaster!!!!!

    Well, I've been lurking on here for awhile & learned alot. I finally decided to register this morning so I could vent about what happened last night. We ordered 27 beautiful baby chicks from Hoovers Hatchery at the end of March. We lost one the first night & sold 13 more after a few weeks. We...
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