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  1. Oddballmomof6

    Young layers for winter eggs?

    Hi Eric, every spring, (in April), I bring in a few new chicks and every fall, (in September or October), I sell or give away my 2 or 3 year olds. This way the new chicks are beginning to lay when all of the others are going into a molt. I choose to buy chicks in April because they'll be 6...
  2. Oddballmomof6

    Having problemss with my flock. (Rooster Just died)

    Hello, Chicken Challenged Mike. Your name made me laugh:) First I'd like to say that I think it's great that you are helping others who are in need. It sounds as though you have more than enough room for them so I'm wondering if your chickens are getting the proper nutrition. What are you...
  3. Oddballmomof6

    Resources/info for the Redlands, CA area? (near San Bernadino)

    Hello, I live about an hour away from Redlands and I've been there several times. It is a nice place:) I don't know it well enough to know local laws regarding chicken ownership, but as far as a coop goes my husband bought a little 7' x7' Rubbermaid shed for my hens. It looks great in the yard...
  4. Oddballmomof6

    Re-Homing Baby Buff Orpingtons

    Are you near the Coachella Valley? Are they female?
  5. Oddballmomof6

    Meyer hatchery packin peanut. :P

    You're welcome:) It won't necessarily be an egg layer that lays similarly colored eggs, though. Just an egg layer.
  6. Oddballmomof6

    Meyer hatchery packin peanut. :P

    Ahhhh, the meal maker:) It will be an egg-laying female then because your others are female. With the meal makers they give you something similar to what you ordered. If you had ordered meat birds then it would be another meat bird. It's always fun to get a surprise. Have fun with it:)
  7. Oddballmomof6

    Meyer hatchery packin peanut. :P

    Hmmm. I'm not sure if her legs will change color to green like an EE should have or if you do have a different breed, but I have ordered from Meyer about 40-50 times in the past and the extra chick of the same breed and sex thing has always been the case. Check the underside of the shipping box...
  8. Oddballmomof6

    Meyer hatchery packin peanut. :P

    Meyer always adds an extra in case one doesn't make the trip. They will put in the same sex and breed as ordered so it should be a female EE. What color are it's legs?
  9. Oddballmomof6

    Day old wild chicken rescue - help

    If he's cheeping excessivly you might want to check the temp. in his box. He might be too cold. As far as him having a companion; try putting in a small mirror or maybe a small stuffed animal. The mirror trick will work for parakeets and I've read about it working for lone chicks. I live in the...
  10. Oddballmomof6

    2 vs 2

    If there is plenty of space and a few places to get out of an agressor's line-of-sight, they should be fine. Keep an eye on them for the next day or so. If there isn't any blood drawn, they should be fine.
  11. Oddballmomof6

    What are these?

    Those look like Blue Laced Red Wyandottes to me. They are very beautiful and will lay a light brown egg.
  12. Oddballmomof6

    how much do you charge for your eggs?

    I usually just give excess eggs to my father-in-law but now my kids want to start selling to neighbors. My concern is the occasional bloody or spotty egg. How do the guys that sell to the grocery stores know which eggs to toss? Is it because of the breeds I have? I don't want to gross out...
  13. Oddballmomof6

    Mille Fleur D'Uccle 4 weeks Pullet or Cockerel?

    I just raised an entire batch of this breed. Looks like a pullet to me. All my Roos had much bigger and redder combs.
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