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  1. JoePa

    Holy Mackerel What an Egg

    I got 9 hens - RIR/BarredRock mix - they have been laying for about a month now - usually get 3 or 4 eggs each day - well yesterday I go out to check the nests for eggs - there are 4 eggs in one nest - 3 what I would consider small eggs and 1 humongous egg - this egg was what I would consider a...
  2. JoePa

    Wood ashes

    I thought I would put a bucket of wood ashes in the chicken run so they can dust themselves if they want to - the stupid things started eating the ashes - hope it doesn’t make them sick - boy you never know what they will do
  3. JoePa

    Is my understanding correct

    When a chicken eats grid that we gave it - the grid ends up in the croup where it remains until it gradually moves to the gizzard - there it is used to grind up the food that the chicken eats - the grid stays in the gizzard a long time until it slowly grinds away - at that point the chicken...
  4. JoePa

    Natural Wormer

    I was looking at a Email I got from Jeffers - in the poultry section they have a natural wormer for chickens - HomeoVet Avian Wrm Clear - claims that this stuff can aid in and support the removal of tapeworms, roundworms, eye worms using the birds own immune system - it is non chemical - safe...
  5. JoePa

    Grass Hay

    Ok - I cut the grass last week and decided to make some grass hay to use as a bedding in my chicken coop - I dry the grass under a car port to make sure that it is all nice and dry - so today I put it into 3 large contractor type black plastic bags - wrapped the top of the bag real tight but now...
  6. JoePa


    Do you think that at 7 weeks it is ok to give some scratch to my chicks - I would throw a little in their run to give them something to do -
  7. JoePa

    Using Leaves

    Every year I get tons of leaves in my yard - mostly oak - what I have been doing is using a blower to make large piles and then keep running over them with the lawn tractor to break them down into small pieces - by doing this I reduce the volume of the pile by 90 % - I would then put them on my...
  8. JoePa

    Feeding Greens

    My chicks are 7 weeks old now - they have been in the coop and run for over 2 weeks - at this point can I give them greens from the garden? - so far they have only been given non medicated starter/grower feed
  9. JoePa

    Put chicks in coop

    My 9 chicks are now 3 weeks old - they are doing great in the brooder which has a ceramic heat lamp - the brooder is on my enclosed patio - would it be ok to put them in my coop if I put the heater somewhere in the coop in case they need heat - right now it gets in the low 70s at night - the...
  10. JoePa

    Oxine Use

    I purchased a gallon of Oxine (sanitizer and disinfectant) some time ago - never used it but understand that this stuff is good for disinfecting your chicken coop - the label says that you should activate the stuff with acid crystals which make it stronger - my question is - can you use it...
  11. JoePa

    Impacted crop and

    From reading various threads on this site it seems so many chickens get an impacted or other crop problems - I wonder why this happens - are they being given food that causes this or what - it doesn’t seem natural to have this problem - are there certain foods that promote these conditions - any...
  12. JoePa

    Grass Hay

    I have a large area of grass that I cut every week during the summer - I generally dont pick up the cut grass and it eventually dries like hay - I was wondering if this hay would be good bedding for my chicken coop - I don’t think the chickens would eat the stuff - also good for nest boxes -...
  13. JoePa

    White wash

    Any though regarding painting the inside of your coop with a mixture of lime and water - this is known as whitewash - people used to paint fences and other structures this way - the whitewash looks nice and probably keeps bugs away - I don’t think it would hurt the chickens - what do you think -
  14. JoePa

    Starter/grower chick feed

    I am looking to buy some chick starter feed for some chicks I will be getting shortly - it seems all I can get is what they call chick /grower feed - I am under the impression that you use starter feed up until around 9 weeks than go to grower feed - is it ok to feed day old chicks the...
  15. JoePa

    Separating mom and chicks

    Is it necessary to separate a hen from the rest of the flock once the chicks hatch - will the other chickens hurt the chicks - I was thinking of putting a heat lamp in a corner of the coup so the chicks could keep warm if needed - I guess the mother hen will protect the chicks but if not then I...
  16. JoePa

    Turkey Questions

    Well I decided to try raising some turkeys - looks like the small midget white ones are my best choice for me - I have a lot of questions about raising them - would greatly appreciate any help you can give me - here are some of my questions- Do you need to clip their wings so they don't fly...
  17. JoePa

    What would you do?

    I got 4 chickens about 5 years ago - over the years two had died and for the last year or so I only had two - I have a nice coop and run for them and recently have been letting them out to free roam around the yard - recently one of the chickens began to look sick - it didn't eat and just lay...
  18. JoePa

    Too soft hearted

    I read time and time again where people have sick chickens and they keep trying to do all sorts of things to get them better - only to end up keeping chickens that help some disease to continue to live and spread - thus harming their own flock and those of other chicken raisers - when someone...
  19. JoePa

    worming chickens the easy way

    I talked to a guy who periodically worms his chickens - he told me that the easiest way to give a chicken a wormer is to saturate a piece of bread with the correct dosage and give the piece to each chicken - that way you don't have to handle the chicken at all - just do it so one chicken doesn't...
  20. JoePa

    Easy way to raise chickens

    After reading about all the problems people have with raising chickens I thought I'd pass on some information that may help some - first let me say this - from the beginning I made up my mind that the only purpose I have for raising chickens is to get eggs for myself and family - that's the...
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