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  1. chadshappywife

    Denagard Dosage

    Anyone know what the shelf life is on Denagard?
  2. chadshappywife

    crying chick - breathing problems, possibly respiratory?

    Sounds just like our 12 week old chicken that we are quite sure has a parasite worm. There is a deworming for it and you put it in the little opening on roof of mouth (cleft). We are looking into best product to use. It helped our when we separated her from flock so she started to eat and drink...
  3. chadshappywife

    chickens galore

    Almost all birds are better now. There is only one who hasn't been eating much and struggles breathing. We think she may have a parasite. She is quarantined and we are getting some deworming meds tomorrow. Any suggestions of brands?
  4. chadshappywife

    chickens galore

    Hi. Due to our current chickens coming to molt this fall, we bought 9 wk old pullets. They seem to be stuffy, sneezy, and gurly when breathing. Today we noticed some bloody stools. Too many to know which ones made them. Sound like coccidiosis or something else? Thx
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