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  1. Lmarie

    Rooster food?

    Do roosters require special food or can they munch on layber crumble? If not, he might start laying soon....
  2. Lmarie

    How much have you ever paid for chickens?

    We went to buy some game chicks for free range yesterday, and at the farm we went to the gentleman that was selling them had $250-300 roosters!!! A piece! I was shocked! I have never paid more than $3!! Have any of you paid alot for pure bred show birds or anything for that matter? My two dollar...
  3. Lmarie

    Broody like behavior???

    I haven't had a hen go broody yet, but I was curious about their behavior. I know they get cranky and sit on eggs, but do they get all puffy when you get near them when they are in the yard? My 1 yr old Wyandotte kinda squeals and gets all puffy if you get close to her while she's in the yard...
  4. Lmarie

    What breed does this look like?

    It has short little wings like a seabright, colors kinda like a sparrow or rir.. I got it because it was a easter chick I think..(rescued it) She's tiny, but has most of her feathers. enjoy! cuddlying with a silkie..
  5. Lmarie

    Storing eggs

    Hi, Can't remember, but do you store fresh eggs in the fridge pointy side down? I think you do...but can't
  6. Lmarie

    Here's my flock!!!

    I just kinda wanted to show off my big flock..(by big I mean the outside one!) I am working on getting one of every breed!!
  7. Lmarie

    Hens squatting

    Does anyone know why hens sometimes squat down when you walk up the them and just sit there? Sometimes my Wyandotte will just sit still, and other times just ignore me when I walk by them. Just curious, it's kinda weird, her just sitting there looking at me.
  8. Lmarie

    I have been deprived!!

    By never knowing how awesome peeps (marshmellow ones!!) are after you toast them over a stove or fire!!! I now know the secret!!
  9. Lmarie

    Getting a new addition?

    Hi, I just got a RIR for a present yesterday, which is AWESOME, but I only got a single RIR chick. It is very lonely and my other chickens are way too big to keep it company. I was going to run down to the feed store and see if they had any babies to put with her. Question: Do I need to keep new...
  10. Lmarie

    Do chickens have tastebuds?!

    Just curious, do chickens have tastebuds or do they just like the color and texture of certain foods? My chickens are addicted to crack (scratch), and love tomatoes. I didn't know if taste even mattered to them or not. ~Lauren
  11. Lmarie

    excessive hens fighting?

    How do you keep hens from fighting amongest themselves? I have a gamehen/rir fighting with my Wyandotte all the time. How can I discorage this?? ARG! Lauren
  12. Lmarie

    Sick Silkie chick....?!?!?!

    These are my first silkies, so I don't know what to expect, are they usually lazy when they are itty bitty? I have a black one and a white one, and the white one has been laying in one spot not moving. I picked her up to get a better look and she still didn't move. Finally she opened her eyes...
  13. Lmarie

    So...What's everyone making for supper??

    I figured there are some awesome cooks on here I was just wondering.. I am making spinach stuffed shells...Yum-o! Lauren
  14. Lmarie

    Dust Baths!!

    Does anyone else think this is one of the most hilarious things chickens do? It makes me laugh soooo hard!!! then again..I am easily amused... Is it to just keep bugs off of them? Lauren
  15. Lmarie


    I know cedar chips are a big no-no for baby chicks, but will it cause harm to adult chickens as well? Just wondering, because I know they keep away mites...and smell good. Lauren
  16. Lmarie

    My new Buff Orpington Chickie!! I'm so proud!!

    I am soo proud!! It's my first Orpington, but from everything I read, theya re very sweet!!! Just thought I'd share her!! Lauren
  17. Lmarie

    Chicken acting like it's drunk???

    Ha yall! My one year old Wyandotte is having a little difficulty walking.. She walks like she is drunk!It was kinda funny at first until she hasnt stopped doing it since 2 days ago. I'm afraid something is wrong. When she runs over to me, she'll fall over on one side, use her wing to push back...
  18. Lmarie

    Staph in chickens??

    Is anyone familiar with chicken staph infections? I have the trifecta of chicken problems with my Wyandotte hen. First a dog attack, now she has started limping and holding her left leg up (suspected staph), and now has gotten lice. I was curious if anyone had ever had a chicken get staph, and...
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