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  1. All about the EGG

    Any interest on splitting an order from Meyer? Northern Illinois

    I am ordering the "All pullet rainbow pack" from Meyer. The bulk order of chics (25) keeps the price lower. I am in Lake County, Illinois. Price per chic is $3.00 each. Pick of the litter, I only want to raise five. I want to place the order this week, let me know how many you might be...
  2. All about the EGG

    Man do my chickens LOVE pancakes!

    Cold or hot (no syrup due to shavings) they gobble them up.
  3. All about the EGG

    No light, no heat, 3 hens, 3 eggs a day! What gives??

    last winter I had a light, and got the eggs I needed. I figured this year I would give the girls a break. Nope, they must really like me.
  4. All about the EGG

    Tour of Chicken Coops in Phoenix this weekend

    My brother sent me this link from Phoenix for a coop tour this weekend in the Phoenix, AZ area. I am in IL, no way I can make it. I think a new forum on "Chicks In the News"...
  5. All about the EGG

    FREE! 5 Sex links. Northern Illinois

    Nice friendly backyard cooped hens. Three red, two black. One black one is a feathers on butt, skinny, lays eggs though. Lived first winter in an unheated, uninsulated 4x4 playhouse. Very hardy! Please come and see first. Not for BBQ.
  6. All about the EGG

    My birds are freakin LOUD!

    I live in a resdential area. I have five sexlinks. All of my immediate neighbors (and some more) know we have chickens. In the morning they cackle like crazy...BAWWWWK, BAAAWWWK....BaGAWWWK! Then "Elvis" sings. Sounds like a sick monkey. What gives??? I thought sexlinks were docile, quiet...
  7. All about the EGG

    First the yolk, then the shell...

    I was outside the coop tonight and heard a "thump." I opened the door and saw two hens pecking under the perch. I knew it was an egg. I got a light, shined it in and saw no shell on the floor. I then shined it on Stretch's bare-no-feathered butt and saw the slimy shell hanging there. This...
  8. All about the EGG

    We gave our ladies rib bones....

    What a riot! If you want a good laugh, just watch a chicken run around the coop with a 5" rib bone in its beak, playing keep-away. They loved the meat (what was left) and sauce (which gave me heart burn). Too funny...who says chickens are not laugh therapy???
  9. All about the EGG

    Blood streaks on outside of shell.

    Two eggs in a row I have seen blood streaks on the eggs. Not sure which bird, but definately the same bird. It lays long, oblong eggs. It almost looks as if the egg was layed, then the blood splattered and ran down the egg. Split vessel?
  10. All about the EGG

    What is missing here?[url=

    Here is a recent photo of our girls by the patio door. Do you think they were trying to come in from the cold? Look closely and you will see one of them is missing something......can you figure it out?[/img]
  11. All about the EGG

    Moist pine shavings

    I have a 4x4 Lowes my Little Playhouse for five hens. Some of you may remember these early in the year. Well, I have no heat, lights or anything. The coop is watertight, but the pine shavings are damp. When it was -25, the shavings were froze up pretty good. I have about six inches in...
  12. All about the EGG

    Frosty coop...wet/frosty backs

    I noticed some frost on the inside of the coop last night, but now all four walls have frost. I also noticed the ladies have a little frost/ice/moisture on their backs. It was -10 w bad windchills overnight, and the coop is not insulated. They are not as perky, but the nest box was full and...
  13. All about the EGG

    Our my chickens dumb enough...

    to roost overnite on the highest perch, By the vents and roof ridge where the breeze/wind/drafts comes through? They have been doing it only for a couple nights. Could it be that they like it? Or was I dumb to put the roost that high? Its a My Little Playhouse from Lowes.
  14. All about the EGG

    Weird roosting behavior tonight...(for our birds anyway)

    Normally I have to chase one of the birds off the nesting box in the evening. Well I did it just now and I also found one in the nesting box! I have never, ever had one do this! Seemed like a normal day...5 eggs from 5 chickens, we did get snow, and the chickens were out in the run because it...
  15. All about the EGG

    Well, I added the light.

    I hooked up a 25 watt frosted bulb light. I am going to set it for 6am and off at 8am. Will it scare the poop out of them when it goes from light to dark in a FLASH?
  16. All about the EGG

    Chickens in the rain/sleet, no heat in coop.

    They were in it all day. Now they are in their little coop with no heat. It is above freezing now, they must be tough...or stupid! BTW they are very healthy, I worry they wont be able to dry off.
  17. All about the EGG

    Can insulating your coop be a bad thing?

    Originally I thought of insulating my little coop. But I thought, you would insulate to keep heat in, right? Well, you can also insulate to keep heat out as well. On a cold winter day, with sun, it will take quite a bit of time to heat that coop up vs. the sun doing it naturally. I just dont...
  18. All about the EGG

    My chickens have hard egg shells, do yours?

    I think because they get a great diet. Kent xtra egg, their own eggshells, and scratch. it makes for a nice, protected package!
  19. All about the EGG

    Nickname for your eggs?

    "Hen Fruit." From the mouth of Curly Howard.
  20. All about the EGG

    I may never eat another egg...

    Store bought that is. We get five a day, large size from five sex-links. I give away more than I/we eat. I call'em Hen fruit.
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