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  1. melissaowens

    ISO Japanese bantams, frizzles,and bb reds in andalusia alabama area

    I am looking to purchase bb reds, frizzles, and Japanese bantams someone has for sale reasonable priced. willing to travel and little ways.
  2. melissaowens

    my mutt chickens first time free ranging

    i decided to let my pens out one at a time to free range daily. i can't just let them free range all the time because i have to be out there watching them because there is no leash law where i live, and the neighbors love to eat my chickens. i know one is an americana hen, and i have a turken...
  3. melissaowens

    **WANTED**south alabama and north florida COCHINS

    i am looking to buy cochins, hatching eggs in north florida or south alabama. I want the reds, birchin, gold laced really bad. If you have any Cochins please let me know how much you want for the and if its eggs how many eggs for how much. feel free to give my contact info to someone you know...
  4. melissaowens

    wtb frizzle hen and roo, oegs roo and hens, and turken rooster,alabama

    i a looking to buy these breed chickens and some cochins, the turnken roo has to be a bantam size. i am willing to travel to enterprise, geneva, hartford, sampson, andalusia, and florala edge of florida and between them areas. if you have these please let me know. i am looking for young to...
  5. melissaowens

    day 20 on my courturnix eggs **update**

    i still have no pips. nothing is happening, should i throw them away or wait a little longer?out of 36 eggs none have done anything. im so sad, i have been waiting for these babies.
  6. melissaowens

    how long does quail need to stay in the incubator?

    i have 7 quail now and need to know how long i keep them in the bator, and also when will they start eating and drinkg. thanks
  7. melissaowens

    what does a white crested chinese swan goose look like?

    i have a friend that was offered 3 for 20.00 and we are just wondering what they look like before they buy
  8. melissaowens

    need ideas on home made feeders and waters please!

    i was thinking of building some home made feeders and waters and need some ideas. i have an idea for a feeder but dunno if it will work. please help me out with some pics and ideas
  9. melissaowens

    bob whites are due today questions *picture!!*

    they are due to hatch i candled them they are devoloped, but no pips yet. i hope they hatch. whats the longest i should leave them in if they dont hatch today? can they eat starter feed? how long does quail eggs keep until they won hatch? Is it normal for me to not have pips yet? thanks
  10. melissaowens

    looking to buy egyptian fayoumis & turkey hatching eggs reasonable

    i am looking to buy egyptian fayoumis at a resonable price. please let me know how many you have and how much they are shipping included. thanks i dont know how to figure out the shipping on the usps website.
  11. melissaowens

    what breed turkey and chick am i??

    i am black and white. if you can tell me if its a boy or girl too please. chick has a lil "cowlick" on its head the feathers stick up and pic of its feet. i think its a girl or is it? and it is a charcoal grey. pics arent too great but any guess would be nice. this chick was suppose to be a...
  12. melissaowens

    wheres my eggs? whats going on? OMG update on what i found!!

    i have 10 hens and 2 roos, and i am only getting 2 eggs a day. i am wondering why? what can i give them or feed them so they will lay more eggs? i am already feeding laying mash to them.
  13. melissaowens

    how long does it take a quail to lay eggs

    i am wondering how long does it take a quail to lay an egg? how long will it take to lay a fertile eggs? does quail need special feed or will starter feed work for them? btw its bob white quail
  14. melissaowens


    The only frizzle i was able to find around here i bought, She was doing awesome, and then i get home from work only to find her dead i don't know whats going on. now i have no more frizzle and i am sad, i have a bator full of eggs that will come out in 2 weeks but no frizzles.
  15. melissaowens

    I AM SO UPSET!!!

    for the past three days i have woke up went to feed the chickens, and chicks and i find a dead teenager chick, well i woke up this morning and three dead. they were fine, they were up running around and everything and then they just kill over dead. i have been watching all of them closely and...
  16. melissaowens

    what kind of rooster is he?

    we bought this rooster at a sale and was wondering if someone could please tell us what he is.
  17. melissaowens

    i have a chick with 5 toes, is that a certain breed?

    i bought a baby chick from a guy that has 5 toes. nobody bought it and it was the only one left. it's a beautiful baby. is there certain breeds that have 5 toes?
  18. melissaowens

    questions on hatching turkey and quail eggs.PLEASE help me out

    i was givin 2 turkey eggs and 15 quail eggs to hatch. 1. one of the turkey eggs has a tiny hairline crack, do you think it would be ok to try and hatch it? 2. is turkeys 28 days? 3. quail 23 days? 4. would it hurt to put turkey quail and chicken eggs in same bator? please help me out with...
  19. melissaowens


    I am looking for hens to buy. i have plenty roos. I am looking for some that are laying or getting close to start laying. please let me know if you have some to buy. what kind and how much and location please
  20. melissaowens


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