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  1. PersimmonPatch

    Is treated lumber ok and mixed wood shavings?

    Is it ok to use treated lumber inside the coop (probably seems a silly question but a treated pen made my rabbit sick)? And any ideas if mixed wood shavings from a local college's wood shop are ok? Probably a mixed bag of wood only. Thanks!
  2. PersimmonPatch

    When can I intro new peeps to my barred hen?

    Hello All, My son's school is raising chicks from the local university's poultry center. We went and picked out the lovlies today (well, the eggs anyhow)! I will be bringing home about 3 of the chicks. I have an adult barred hen who is like a pet and who spends much of her time sleeping with...
  3. PersimmonPatch

    Current set up not working- bad odor and LOTS 'o flies

    Hello, As some of you might already know from my last post on trying to find out whether we need a coop or tractor, I'm in the SE, near the GA, SC, NC border. I have two barred hens with hopes of having 4. I have my hens in a moveable wire cage, about 4 feet long. I was moving them about 2x...
  4. PersimmonPatch

    New to BYC...bedazzled by the coop & tractor options

    Hello, I'm new to owning chickens and am completely taken aback by all of the wonderful styles of coops and tractors. I think we need something fairly quickly. so I'm thinking a tractor to begin with, then after the summer we can go for a coop. We hope to make a coop/shed combo. I'm excited to...
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