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  1. equinelyn

    Help! Mallard eggs went cold :( mom abandoned...

    So Our first time mommy Mallard laid a nest of eggs in her floating duck house and incubated them. We have a 1/4 acre sized natural pond. We bought these 5 ducks (one female 4 males) as straight run chicks last year and raised them up. She was great sitting on them throughout the whole...
  2. equinelyn

    HAWK killed my Silkie :( what kind is this?

    sadly a hawk found it's way into our chicken coop. We didn't get home til after dark and all the other chickens were in the coop and this hawk was still standing on my silkies dead body. I'm sure once it got in, it couldn't get out. My first instinct was to kill it, but after doing some research...
  3. equinelyn

    Roo stressing hens out? Stopped Laying & lost one :(

    So I have a young rooster about 8 months old. I think he is stressing my hens out. Of my 6 hens only 1 is laying for the past 2 months. 1 hen is our 2 year old female Marigold, the rest are all between 8 months-1 year and started laying, and well. Once my roo grew bigger and more mature he...
  4. equinelyn

    Will a young roo allow a bigger/mature Roo to mate with it?

    I have a young 20 week old silky which I'm pretty sure it's a roo! No eggs/crowing yet, but has very strong roo characteristics. So the other day my BSL roo that he grew up with, (who is already mating my other hens and much larger than everybody) mated with my silky roo ,and the silky squatted...
  5. equinelyn

    My hen gurgled and sneezed.. is she sick? *UPDATE RIP*

    I watched my hen lay an egg the other day, and I heard her gurgling as she was breathing. After she laid an egg she kinda sneezed and gurgled more.. Is she sick? She doesn't make this noise all the time. I noticed all the chicken kinda sneeze a little after a rain storm once, they sit out int he...
  6. equinelyn

    Why are my hens eggs funny looking?

    My hen has been laying eggs that aren't the right shape, or they are too thin. This has been going on for about 3 months. I think she molted just before that. Any advice why this is happening? Here are some pics.
  7. equinelyn

    Share your Big-mouth chicken Videos!!!!

    Everybody post your chicken's making noise! Either in song or gabbing to each other. Roosters with their best(or worst) crow's are welcome too!!!! I'll start with my two I have to share... Sparkle my Silkie hen who likes to hear herself gab. And my...
  8. equinelyn

    What color am I?

    This is my 15 week old silky. Is this a partridge silkie?
  9. equinelyn

    Funny youtube double yolker

    This guy claims that amish chickens lay double yolker's
  10. equinelyn

    Mean hen banished to solitary confinement

    I have an 8 month old Americauna hen(Emerald) who has been getting more and more aggressive with the other hens. 5 of my 10 are only 3 months old, and one is a roo. She leaves the older ones alone but really makes a point to pick on the younger ones. She doesn't rip out feathers, but she is a...
  11. equinelyn

    Does molting effect egg quality?

    Two of our 10 chickens are Red sex-link hens about 2 years old. We believe they just molted this late winter, and they have been laying for about 2 months. At first we only saw about an egg a day or every other day. Now I see about 2 eggs a day from them, but one of my hens keeps laying very...
  12. equinelyn

    How It's Made show on Eggs... Watch video they made...

    So watch this video. How accurate is this?
  13. equinelyn

    Why quarantine?

    When you get new birds, what is the purpose for quarantine? And how long do you do it for? What are the risks if you don't?
  14. equinelyn

    Why quarantine?

    When you get new birds, what is the purpose for quarantine? And how long do you do it for? What are the risks if you don't?
  15. equinelyn

    Silky lovers Unite!!!!

    I just have to say I fell in love with the Silky breed when I first saw how adorable these fuzzy little things are! I love how they are known for being docile, and friendly. And now that my 2 chicks are 9 weeks old, they sure are much more docile than my other breeds! My favorite is my grey...
  16. equinelyn

    When does the peeping turn to clucking?

    My chicks are 9 weeks old now. All of them still peep. One Is a BSL rooster. Nobody clucks, and the roo hasn't tried to crow yet. What age do they start to get goin?
  17. equinelyn

    Peafowl breeders in southern PA?

    Does anybody know a peafowl breeder in southern PA. My neighbor had has a male, and the female died He just found her one morning dead in the coop.
  18. equinelyn

    Mother refuses to eat eggs!!! Grossed out.

    So my mother refuses to eat her chickens eggs. She gives them to friends instead. She is grossed out about eating these chickens eggs. Maybe because she's seen the butt it came from lol. She will buy eggs from the grocery store and eat them. What can I tell her to convince her that her own fresh...
  19. equinelyn

    Where did you get your coop from?

    My father lives in Northern NJ, and he is looking into getting some chickens. Does anybody have any recomendations for a coop that suits about 6 hens? I was suggesting a tractor style for him so he can move it around the yard, he only has about .5 acres. Know any good sites to buy from, or is he...
  20. equinelyn

    Pony ate medicated feed

    My pony broke out of the paddock last night, and flipped the lid off to the chicken feed. He ate some of the medicated chick feed. Probably not even a gallon of it. He is a large pony/small horse (about 14 hands) and hasn't foundered or come close (even with escaping and getting into the grain a...
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