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  1. tnmommy

    Help-Need Fort Knox

    When we were living on a few acres in town, we got away with no losses in a plain hoop coop. Part of it was just chicken wire (despite my protests) and one coop had no wire at all on the bottom. We had to purge our flock, though, when we moved. They had developed a mycoplasma infection and were...
  2. tnmommy

    Free ranging with wild geese?

    We are debating gettin geese and perhaps ducks. We have two one acre ponds. However, we have two visiting wild Canada geese. Usually their goslings fall prey to predators and they leave after spring but they are hanging around. They were VERY aggressive with other pairs of Canada geese that...
  3. tnmommy

    Out to the farm?

    One of my neighbors mentioned that she works variable hours. Some days she gets home at 2:00 a.m. and sleeps during the day. My roosters are located as far as possible from her home with a barn in between, but as my flock keeps expanding and I get breeding groups going, I know the time will...
  4. tnmommy

    Thanks for the chronic respiratory illness, EE Breeder

    Well, I now have to make the decision to have a closed flock for a few years or cull everyone. I absolutely adore almost all of my birds (ninja rooster not so much) and the thought of culling the ones that are resisting the infection is tearing me up. We had nothing here until I brought home...
  5. tnmommy

    Easter Egger has white diarrhea, lethargic

    It's truly amazing how quickly chickens can go from appearing fine to very ill. I have a 16 week old pullet who was fine this morning but is now huddled over alone and is lethargic. She is passing some white diarrhea. I'm bringing her in from the cold. Is there anything I should be giving...
  6. tnmommy

    Old enough to crow, outside they go?

    My chicks are 8 weeks old, fully feathered. I guess I'm just being a worried mama, but I wanted to keep them indoors until they were bigger. My Easter Eggers went out into my hoop coop at 12 weeks. Well, my Olive Egger cockerel has found his voice and the chicks need to go out. Do they need...
  7. tnmommy

    Injured leg, chance of recovery?

    One of my Easter Eggers has an injured leg, appears to be at a joint. She can move the leg. Doesn't appear to be broken. Eating and drinking. Anyway, what is the chance that she will heal enough to regain use of that leg? And what dose of aspirin does she need, unless it is is kinder to...
  8. tnmommy

    English/American blue and splash Orpington cockerels

    I would love to keep both of these lovely blue and splash Orpington cockerels, but I have space for a few roosters and I've decided to keep my bantams instead. These boys are 13 weeks old asking $20 each. The splash cockerel has begun to crow. I am located in southern Middle Tennessee. I...
  9. tnmommy

    Reintroducing a chicken to the flock

    My chocolate orpington was under the weather but is ready to go back with her flock. Problem is, they are not having it. It's only been a week, but apparently that is a long time in a chicken's memory. They are treating her like a new chicken. So, I almost put her dog crate next to the...
  10. tnmommy

    Pendulous crop- genetic? Any hope?

    I've got two chickens with repeated impacted crops and they now have what seems to be permanent pendulous crops. I put them in the "recovery" coop so they could have a special, softer diet and it appears to be keeping them relatively comfortable and they are getting some weight back. The hen...
  11. tnmommy

    Keep the little peckers or not

    I have never had this problem. Never. I've raised 3 other groups of chicks and this has never happened. I've had chicks that were not friendly, but...Two of my English/Standard Orpington chicks are more than just unfriendly. They are actively attacking me. It's not a curious peck. They are...
  12. tnmommy

    Australorp cockerel 5 weeks old TN

    This little guy was from a flock I assumed to be purebred Aussies. They were advertised as such. The roosters were all Aussies, but there were other hen breeds. Free, located in Southern Middle TN.
  13. tnmommy

    Australorp cockerels- 4 weeks old

    I have one Australorp cockerel (from BBS parents) and one mixed cockerel (father was Australorp and mother was either a RIR or Black sex link). I bought the hatching eggs and the seller did not mention that there were a few RIR and Black sex link hens free ranging with the Australorps. Some...
  14. tnmommy

    When to put chicks with rooster

    I'm about to put my year old hens back with my rooster, I have 2 blue Orpington and one australorp pullet. When is the earliest I can put the younger pullets with my rooster? On the one hand I'm worried he will hurt them but on the other, waiting May rock the boat with the pecking order. The...
  15. tnmommy

    Is the reputation true?

    I really want some geese and ducks for our farm, but my husband is refusing because geese have such a bad reputation for aggression. Which is why I want them, partly. I would love some weed control around the place and ducks without protectors will be picked off by the numerous predators we...
  16. tnmommy

    Assist with pipping?

    I have 19 eggs left in the incubator. Some were due to hatch on Friday, the rest were due to hatch on Saturday. I saw movement in 12 of them last night and one had an internal pip. One has made a very tiny pip. Do I need to assist them with external pipping? Or let nature take its course?
  17. tnmommy

    Chick with complications can't walk

    One of my bantam Orpingtons hatched and was doing fine until it tore the umbilical cord. It bled for several minutes until I was able to stop the bleeding with cornstarch. It is doing great except for walking. It doesn't have spraddle legs, but it just can't seem to move its weight forward to...
  18. tnmommy

    wire on bottom of chicken tractor?

    We have one hoop run completed, made with two cattle panels attached to a wooden frame. We want to be able to move it like a big tractor, but I have to insist on wire on the bottom. My hubby thinks it's a waste of time to move it if there is wire on the bottom. I think welded/field fence on...
  19. tnmommy

    staggered hatch

    I lost my mind and ordered some australorp eggs that will be going in the bator with some chocolate/mauve orpingtons. Most of the orp eggs are questionable based on the candling I did this morning. So, I will be hand-turning eggs for about a week until the orp eggs (hopefully) hatch. Can I...
  20. tnmommy

    last minute- Up to 10 Black Australorp hatching eggs

    I am offering Black Australorp hatching eggs, have been collecting since 3/13. I have one rooster on 3 hens, should have 8 to 10 eggs by tomorrow afternoon. Local pickup only; I am not NPIP certified so I cannot ship. I recently hatched two batches of eggs and had 81% hatch rate and that was...
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