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  1. toxo

    My coop revisited.

    Finally finished the door closer bit with pics. Hope it's usefull. Paul
  2. toxo

    My coop revisited.

    This is a follow-on from an article I started some time ago but lost some pics and oomph! After finding said pics and receiving some lovely feedback I was guilted into finishing it. So this is for all you guys who were disappointed to find it only half done. It still isn't completely done yet...
  3. toxo

    Comment by 'toxo' in article 'Wine Cooler Incubator Winner Of The 2009 Diy Incubator Contest'

    MrNappy, Not much at all really. It's the same old equation - the more work you put in the less the cost. Glad you liked it. SilkieBaby81, If this inspires you to get it done then I will have achieved what I set out to do. Thanks for your kind comments guys. You've guilted me into doing some...
  4. toxo

    Comment by 'toxo' in article 'Almost Why Did The Chicken Cross The Road Chicken Coop Coop'

    Looks like you're on top of things but it's never a good idea to put end grain on the floor. Moisture will wick up into those legs and rot them out. A simple piece of ply sealed on the bottom will cure it.
  5. toxo

    Comment by 'toxo' in article 'Rough Sawn Coop'

    Good job! Don't know if you plan to leave it in an enclosure but if not the only change I would make is to bring the legs that are under the nest boxes back to under the main house making it much easier to add a run and enclose the underneath space with wire
  6. toxo

    Can I leave a dead chick in the incubator until the end of the hatch?

    Strange that the egg is open which indicates it was strong enough to do that. Remember that if the chick is still alive it can't move about much because it's stuck to the shell and may only appear to be dead. Only you can be sure on that point. If you look on my Wine cooler page from a while...
  7. toxo

    Comment by 'toxo' in article 'Wine Cooler Incubator Winner Of The 2009 Diy Incubator Contest'

    Thank you bakingintherain (sounds like an American Indian) Nice to know people are still getting something from it. ATB. Paul
  8. Wine Cooler Incubator Winner Of The 2009 Diy Incubator Contest

    Wine Cooler Incubator Winner Of The 2009 Diy Incubator Contest

    Wine cooler incubator (Winner of the 2009 DIY incubator contest) Hi, I'm a complete newbie from England and don't have any chooks at the moment but I'm hoping to put that right very soon. I grew up with backyard chickens many years ago and I suppose the wanting them back again has been...
  9. toxo

    Incubator heating & thermostat help

    Check out the stat on my page here; ATB. Paul
  10. toxo

    Coop for sale

    My coop is finishing today. Incubator has a few days left. thanks for looking. Paul
  11. toxo

    My coop is for sale!

    Due to a house move, my coop is up for sale. Obviously only of interest to UK people. My incubator (the 2009 winner) will follow soon. See my BYC page for both. Coop here; Thanks. Paul
  12. toxo


    Humidity is difficult to pin down because it varies from place to place. There's humidity in the air. Hens don't sit in baths of water. We put in water to offset the increase in heat in the incubator but if the normal humidity is high enough there's no need. If you search these forums you'll...
  13. toxo

    Identify incubator please.

    Hi guys. A friend over here in the UK has just started and he's found himself an interesting project. It's an old incubator that was originally heated by parrafin (kerosene to you guys I think.) It's labeled "Elite" by H.M.Best. Can anyone throw any light on this one? Thanks. Paul
  14. toxo

    Beaded door curtain.

    Do these things keep chooks out of the house? My three ex batts think my house is their house. At the moment I have an old curtain doing the job but when the dogs come in they always leave a gap and the chooks follow them through. If not these what do others do to keep em out? Paul
  15. toxo

    Looking for BASIC step by step instructions......

    The single most important piece of advice that no-one seems to mention is this: Get your wire first. Most of your uprights and crossbeams etc will depend on the width of the wire. You can't fix wire to fresh air. Whatever the height of your coop/run, do it in frames. And make sure the center...
  16. toxo

    Bedding for chicks

    I used wood shavings and they're great for keeping the smell down. I didn't realise this until i put em all in the bath to clean out the brooder, MY GOD did they stink that bath out!!!! When I first switched from layers mash to layers pellets (for the big girls in the garden) the woman said "...
  17. toxo

    Winter 2010 HomeMade Incubator Contest - Win $20 Gift - Winner!

    Wow! I haven't been on the site for a while so this came totally out of the blue. So many nice comments. Thank you all. I had a great time building it and when the little fuzzbutts came along to show that my ideas worked, it was very pleasing. And now this! I'm chuffed to bits. Thank you to...
  18. toxo

    My wine cooler page

    Quote: Thanks Todd. Not a lot these days. By trade I'm a fabricator welder but have done lots of different things over the years. I think a love of learning helps and I like to do stuff I haven't done before. Paul
  19. toxo

    My wine cooler page

    Wow! Great feedback guys. Thank you. It's very much appreciated. Barred Rocker: If I hadn't spent so much time on the motor, which in the end I didn't use, it could be built in very little time because all the ingredients are there to begin with. Paul
  20. toxo

    My wine cooler page

    Quote: The thermostat did it's job well. I can't put my finger on why the hatch was late. I used four thermometers but they all gave a different reading. Maybe I erred on the wrong side. Next time I would definitely invest in a proper incubator thermometer. I think keeping a steady...
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