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  1. karanleaf

    Update on my little Feathered Boy??

    This is one of 7 chicks I bought around Easter that were colored. This one was named Bumblebee as he was yellow with his black striped feathers. He now has tuffs of feathers under his ears. Any one know what breed he maybe? Thanks Karan
  2. karanleaf

    How long can you store eggs in fridge for eating?

    How long can you keep eggs in fridge and they still be good to eat? I am talking Duck eggs and Chicken eggs? I have some Duck eggs in the fridge that are 5 weeks old are they still good for eating and baking? I realize that we should know the age of the eggs at the store but do you...
  3. karanleaf

    FOR SALE Rouen Duck Eggs (Mallard Cousins)

    I Have 6 healthy young female Rouen Ducks laying everyday. They are free ranging during day with 4 Healthy Rouen Drakes French Rouen (Roan) are Domestic Cousin of the Mallard. They are a bigger than the Mallard photo taken Sept 2008 will ship 6 eggs $ 15.00 a dozen $25.00 18...
  4. karanleaf


    Sign up is NOW OPEN. PEEK A BOO Fellow Crocheters to theGHAN SEND OFF SHOWER we are starting a new thread and hopefully a new trend. Our Sister Crochet hooker and BYCer Okiemommy is eggspecting. When we...
  5. karanleaf

    CHeck out Mad City Chicken

    Dh found this and others on UTube Mad City Chicken is by Mother Earth News. And there are others there too. This may have already been posted before But I thought they were great..... Some that haven't seen these gota check them out... While watching some of these. DH said Some people have...
  6. karanleaf

    Ever try to get Ducks in out of storm?

    Have a Tornado warnings in our area and where do ya find the ducks???? Playing in their pool of course. Thunder and Lighting wind blowing things around and they are swimming.. Ya run them out of the pool and they circle around and get back in Oh Boy!!! we had fun in the rain...
  7. karanleaf

    OMG chicks are sooo Funny

    watching my 2 week old cuckoo maran chicks jumping and hopping around trying to catch what ever may fly in the crate.... then to see a chick actually catch a bug and run trying to eat it while trying to keep the others from taking it away.. soo funny and cute Puts new meaning to Eat & Run
  8. karanleaf

    My Mare ate the duck food

    OMG I had my saddlebred mare out in the backyard to eat the grass down and later I notice she ate the ducks food both feed pans licked clean... Does this mean she will quack or will she lay an egg?????
  9. karanleaf

    Coop about to go off grid

    My DH has been working his tail feathers off... In between making raised beds & filling them with our composed soil. He put the solar panel up on the chicken coop. Take a look..... just has to get it wired to inverter & battery and both chickens & ducks will be solar powered...
  10. karanleaf

    OMG A Chicken Found Us

    New Edit @ 4:33: YES IT'S A GIRL Finished doing dished went out to check on the new chicken and look here!! What a nice thank you for bringing her to my place... ...... my earlier post........... I got this new Rooster Now. He was found this morning under a horse trailer of one of the...
  11. karanleaf

    Attn Terrilaci Duck eggs ?? on hatching

    I posted this last night Hoping this will get me answer on the morning of day 28 now all is still quite... Am I ok? do I need to wait a couple more days? Or did I do something wrong? Please Help Quote:
  12. karanleaf

    Can anyone tell me what kind of Rooster he is???

    Some friends gave us our 4 hens and 1 rooster I don't know what breed he is I think he looks nice Here is our flock I believe this is the girl that has been laying 1 egg a day for us. Got 5 in 6 days Anyone got any idea? Well folks I gota get to bed I am tired, I'm becoming a BYC junkie
  13. karanleaf

    Discolored Egg in Incubator Good or Bad ?

    Hello I'm new I live in NE Missouri I have 8 Rouen Duck eggs in incubator they are on day 20 1 is dicolored as in darker in a large area the others are not. Does this mean it has stopped and gone bad? I had 1 exploded in the incubator last year what a mess. Any suggestions? I will check in...
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