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  1. Sunburnt


    Thanks, I just got the powder from the feedstore and dusted the chickens. I want to PREVENT lice as they spend a lot of time in the brush/woods. Should I put that in the bedding?
  2. Sunburnt


    Can someone tell me which brand/type for this? I need it spelled out so when I go to the store I don't buy something that will poison my chickens. thanks.
  3. Sunburnt

    My backyard chicken story in the newspaper

    That's so cool!
  4. Sunburnt

    Chick Treats Question: When and What?

    My chicks are four weeks. Since week two, I've been making a mash of this: plain yogurt oatmeal strawberries banana grapes carrot flaxseed hardboiled egg kashi grain cereal Grit Chopped fine. They LOVE It. I whistle when I'm about to serve them and they come running.
  5. Sunburnt

    Sad morning

    Aw, so sorry, S40's. That's stinks. This is why I'm afraid of that time when the chicks will go out. I think I'm too new and naive to prevent it, but I will do the best I can. Sometimes you just think it will be ok and it stinks to turn out wrong.
  6. Sunburnt

    apple cider vinegar

    gonzo&hispeeps : should be fine. Love your avatar!! Looks like one of Gonzo's chickens! Quote: LOL, it is! Hi, Gonzo!
  7. Sunburnt

    9 days old -- so hard to believe. Pics!

    The yellow ones are BEE UUTIFUL. I'll keep that one in mind for the future.
  8. Sunburnt

    Shredded printer paper?

    Even with ink this is ok???!
  9. Sunburnt

    apple cider vinegar

    I found this thread in here and was wondering if it's ok to start ACV at two weeks? Thanks.
  10. Sunburnt

    BYC Personal Pages Upgrade

    Ok, will do. I did hit the save, so I don't get it either! Thanks!
  11. Sunburnt

    BYC Personal Pages Upgrade

    I created my page and posted...but it disappeared. Am I missing something? I have no idea what to do!
  12. Sunburnt

    Trap door on bottom of former hutch coop - need ideas!

    The garage would have to be a winter deal. I am divorced and I have an agreement about certain aspects on the house as to reselling appeal . I have to be careful. I could not attach anything to the house, period. I have seen so many people using old hutch/doghouse combinations, without...
  13. Sunburnt

    Trap door on bottom of former hutch coop - need ideas!

    Absolutely, I can bring them in my garage for winter. What a great idea. I have a full side of a double garage. They will fit fine. What a relief...but what is your suggestion for the floor? I guess the concrete is good but something else? How to clean that all winter? Forgive me, I'm NEW new...
  14. Sunburnt

    Trap door on bottom of former hutch coop - need ideas!

    I am almost done with my coop and need some input here. There is a hole in the floor plenty big for an exit but I am just not sure how to construct a trapdoor that will be very secure. I am not builder - I have some skill as I love putting stuff together but that's about it. I might shorten the...
  15. Sunburnt

    My chick "sharpens" it's beak

    Has anyone seen this before? It appears to be sharpening it, like you would a knife. I do suspect this BR is a roo - does this appear in roo's? Just curious.
  16. Sunburnt

    Telling the Gender of Barred Rock Chicks

    Thanks, all....I believe though I am new I got this BR pegged as a boy. But I can't prove it yet. We named him/her Poe, just in case. Also, thanks for RIR comments in here since my others are RIR's, they are Alice and Aurora. I just picked up my last, Stella, a Gold Laced Wyandotte, I...
  17. Sunburnt

    BR experts: any guesses on this chick?

    Yes, I did some looking online at pics/advice so I am eyeing that chick right now. I will have to return it if it's a boy. Thanks for the input...your chick is very different. Quote:
  18. Sunburnt

    BR experts: any guesses on this chick?

    I've seen some very good advice on sexing BR's on here....if anyone would like to take a guess at my BR in the pic below. I don't know why I am convinced he's a roo, when the others could very well be! Anyone who takes a gander, thanks a bunch for looking. The folks we bought them from were...
  19. Sunburnt

    Newbie here - doing well!

    I'm just saying hi. I have been following this site for awhile. I'm amazed at how helpful and supportive it is. I have three chicks - getting a fourth - a bantam, hopefully. Two RIR's and on BR. I love them all already. They are odd and wonderful things. We are doing pretty well. Pasty butt...
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