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  1. Mikee1948

    Three sisters behavior

    I have three leghorns, all hatched the same day, raised together. One of them likes to cluck often and loudly at times. Today one hen was quietly feeding, another was in the box laying. This one was walking around the run when she let loose a torrent of squawks scaring the one bird and then she...
  2. Mikee1948

    Sloppy chickens!!

    I purposely switched over to pellets because of this but it hasn't helped. Yesterday I filled the hanging feeder with pellets (not the first time) and today the entire feeder contents, all 3 lbs. of it, was scattered around the pen. Should I just ignore this behavior and let them forage for the...
  3. Mikee1948

    Approaching 22 weeks...

    22 weeks old next Monday and still no eggs from the leghorns.
  4. Mikee1948

    Commercial water heater

    I have one of those commercial heaters that Tractor Supply sells for heating waterers. I've always put it inside the coop but would like to use it outside instead, It may be exposed to rain or snow at times and -15 wind chills. Possible? Thanks!
  5. Mikee1948


    Something is not quite right here! All four chicks were hatched around the same date June 28-29. I noticed this one though, has developed a comb already, the only one of the four to do so. Supposed to have been all hens, yet beginning to wonder.
  6. Mikee1948

    Raising four young leghorns

    Raising four young birds that I got as chicks. After a week of picking them up and putting them in their coop for the night, they still refuse to go in at night on their own. They will go in the coop throughout the day but at dark, they huddle together on the ground in their run.
  7. Mikee1948

    One thin shelled egg

    I have 5 hens, one on "sabatical", so 4 eggs almost daily. One hen, the Australorp I believe, lays very thin shelled eggs compared to the others (RIR's). If you hold it wrong, it will crack in your hand. All get the same food, same treats. Any guess as to why?
  8. Mikee1948

    Crumbles or pellets?

    Which do you feed your birds? Mine seem to make a mess with the crumbles (scattered underneath the hanging feeder) but they seem to like them better.
  9. Mikee1948

    20% production, time to thin?

    I have 5 hens and all I'm averaging is one egg per day. Two of the hens are 2 1/2 years old, one is 1 1/2, and two are 6 months. I have a light on in the coop from 3 AM till daylight. They get the best food and plenty of treats. And I'm getting tired of feeding non-productive birds. The egg...
  10. Mikee1948

    Time to thin the flock?

    I'm down to three hens and yesterday, not one egg. At best, I'm getting an every other day egg performance, and it's rare to get three eggs. Two of the hens (RIR, sex link) are 2 plus years old, and one (Australorp) is 1 1/2 years old
  11. Mikee1948

    Bad vegetables for chickens?

    This morning, one of my hens was dead inside their run. Lately I have been letting them into my garden as the season wanes. Are there any known veggies that are bad for chickens?
  12. Mikee1948

    Soft shell egg

    I have been getting a soft shelled egg, breaks with very little pressure, from one of my hens. I have given them nothing but the best food, and free range in my garden, I have one who has gone through a molt and is beginning to get her feathers back, and I think it's her. They are not stressed...
  13. Mikee1948

    Dominate hen behavior

    I have 4 hens, and the other day the boss hen actually mounted another hen, squashing her into the ground and flapping her wings over her.
  14. Mikee1948

    Seeds, sunflowers, etc

    What kind of seeds and nuts do/can chickens eat? Whole sunflower seeds?
  15. Mikee1948

    Soft shelled egg

    I have six laying hens, all eating the same commercial food. One of them is laying a really soft shelled egg. If it makes it to the kitchen, all you need do is gently tap it and the shell breaks. These are not young birds, all more than 1 year laying.
  16. Mikee1948

    Feather loss?

    I noticed one of my hybrids (RIR/Leghorn), about 2 years old, is losing feathers from the back of her head, right behind the crown. She's almost bald there, about an inch square. Also feathers just above the tail feathers look thin. Any ideas?
  17. Mikee1948

    Color blind?

    Does anyone know if chickens can see in color?
  18. Mikee1948

    Light not working

    I have a light in the coop that comes with a timer to give them 12 hours of light, but egg production is actually slowing. I have six hens (2 are Australorps), and I'm getting 3- 4, sometimes 5, eggs per day. I mentioned the Australorps because I've noticed black feathers scattered around the...
  19. Mikee1948

    To light or not to light..

    Last year I had a small light on in the coop, to up egg production. Some people say it stresses them out, others don't worry about it. What do you say.
  20. Mikee1948

    What can I do with this broody hen?

    One of my six hens has gone broody. She won't leave the nest box, sits on the other hen's eggs, unless I chase her out, I only have two nest boxes and so I'm finding stray eggs inside the coop where they are getting stepped on and broken. Raising chicks is out of the question (unfertilized...
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