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  1. luckychick105

    Hen is sick, discharge in eyes

    Recently I noticed that one of my hens has discharge covering her eyes and she has a runny nose. I went to have another look at her and I noticed her face is very pale compared to her wattles and there is a really bad smell coming off her that I have never got before. She is two or three years...
  2. luckychick105

    Mysterious death

    We recently got a silkie rooster to breed with our little silkie pullet. Today we went on a walk and when we got back we passed the chicken coop and all the chickens were huddled around the back off the coop and when we went to investigate we found the roosters body, without any head. He had...
  3. luckychick105

    New murmur of starlings

    Our house is surrounded by a circle of trees and most of those tree are already occupied by a rookery, but recently we have been noticing a very large murmur of starlings starting to nest in the trees. The only thing that i know of that could have caused this is that there was an owl living on...
  4. luckychick105

    Will they ever warm up?

    I recently got three new chickens, a three month old silkie pullet, a year old silkie roo and another hen that I am not sure of the breed. At the moment they are all very skitish and do not like to be held. How do I get them to warm up to me? luckychick105
  5. luckychick105

    2 mystery deaths

    We got four RIRs a couple of months ago, they had pretty much stopped laying and we were just getting them to be companions for our last hen who was the sole survivor of a fox attack. I went to feed them and collect any eggs that might have been laid, and one of them was missing so I had a look...
  6. luckychick105

    Three little duckies.. What do I do??

    Last night my parents came home with three little ducklings that had been wandering the road in the dark. I have never had ducks before and I don't know what to feed the I also don't know what age they are or whether they should be on heat or not. If anyone could give a bit of guidance or advice...
  7. luckychick105

    Is there an Irish thread?

    I was just looking at another Irish persons thread and I was wondering if there is an Irish thread... but i don't know if there are that many Irish people on BYC. @sumi being from Tipp, do you know of an Irish thread? luckychick105
  8. luckychick105

    Scaly leg mite treatment

    I have been away on holidays for the past two weeks and came back to find that our chicken has scaly leg mites. I have been reading up on it and found a couple of solutions... including the gasoline dip... I am wondering how safe this is, as I want to get rid of these mites as fast as I can, and...
  9. luckychick105

    I Hate Foxes....

    Recently there has been a fox around and so far he has taken 4 chickens, including a beautiful rooster and two frizzles.:mad: This one is very cheeky and very hard to get a shot at, on Monday my neighbour took a shot at it and it moved just at the wrong time, so he hit some metal panelling...
  10. luckychick105

    Another hybrid

    So I've got a new game, don't know if it will be any good but here goes! How to play: It starts of with a picture This is a hybrid bird-dog, the next picture could be a hybrid dog-something else or a hybrid bird-something else like: Rules: You can not use the same picture twice in a row...
  11. luckychick105

    Does anyone know what breed this is?

    I have had this chicken for nearly two years and I have never thought to ask if he is a certain breed or if he just mixed. He has a very good temperament and is very good to his ladies, though not so much to other roosters. If anyone could tell me it would be greatly appreciated!
  12. luckychick105

    Sore feet

    Does anyone know what this bump on my chicken's foot is? We recently got six new chickens and today I was just having a look at every body to make sure they were not being bullied or that they had any diseases or such like and I found this lump on my cockerel's foot. At first look I thought...
  13. luckychick105

    I thought roo but now I'm thinking no....

    Ok this is one of my five month old chicks I previously thought he\she was a roo but I'm not to sure when I look at my other five month old roo this is the chicken in question This is my little roo. a full body shot And him\her with my two pullets
  14. luckychick105

    what breed?

    These are three of my three and a half month old chicks, does anyone know what breed or gender they are?:) edit sorry there are two copies of some of the files!:)
  15. luckychick105

    Black chicken growing white feathers

    About two weeks ago one of our chickens was attacked by a fox she got away with only a small cut and quite a few lost feathers, now she is growing them back but some of them are turning grey\white. She is about two years old and is acting fine. What could be wrong?
  16. luckychick105

    What gender are these?

    These are my 8 week old chicks and I'm not sure what gender they are.
  17. luckychick105

    4 three week old chicks no mother what to do?

    Yesterday my broody hen was taken by a fox and now her 4 three week old chicks are orphans!! I've tried to get another chicken to foster them but it's not working what should I do?:(:confused:
  18. luckychick105

    Can chicks get pressure sores?

    My chick had to be isolated because he was to weak to walk and still is! He seems to be very sore at his legs and knees! What's wrong?
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