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  1. Suess hens

    Bullied out of the coop

    I had some smaller girls a few years ago this happened to. I went out nightly and put them back in. Some nights multiple times, and ultimately started locking the whole flock in at night. The girls finally all got along and no more issues were had. The only time I have had issues with doing...
  2. Suess hens

    Broody chicken in dangerous situation

    I just read the break the broody post. The only wire bottom cage I have on hand is a have-a-heart trap. That might coax that fox back in too fast! I will start searching our sheds for something else to use. She is very determined. She hasn't pecked me yet but has definitely given me stern...
  3. Suess hens

    Do I have to wait till spring?

    I think you won't have to wait for Spring. You probably won't get them as often as you will come spring. With less sun light and the cool, it will probably just be a slow start, and a slow winter laying season.
  4. Suess hens

    Broody chicken in dangerous situation

    That was the best way I can put my post. I have a chicken that went broody. We do not have a mature rooster, so I removed her little clutch and my fake egg from the box, but she continues to sit. I live in California, so I have a very open area for the chickens. I have their nesting boxes on...
  5. Suess hens

    Won't go in

    I haven't been on in a while, but thought this would be the best place to answer my question. I got 3 new babies this year (hatched with my 12th grade Humanities class). all three of them won't go inside the coop. One doesn't even live with us, he was adopted by my BIL who needed a new chicken...
  6. Suess hens

    Refrigerating Eggs???

    depends on how much time I have. I am being somewhat serious. If I have the time to brush off any extra sawdust I will finish and put them away. If I know someone will be coming by for eggs I leave them out, (who knows when they will get them in the fridge either, rather not give them out cold...
  7. Suess hens

    My chickies first night out.

    We all know that feeling. I can remember going out to check on them more than once their first night out! I have two little ones added to the flock that have been out there now for about 3 weeks and I still sometimes go check on them (they still try to sleep anywhere but the coop)
  8. Suess hens

    19 weeks old... and I STILL can't tell!!! *pic* *EDIT It's A......*

    I have a pullet that things she is a boy. She had always been a picker of others. And since losing the roo, she has taken over his position for sure! While he was around he could only mount her when she gave permission. I watched her full on fight him over it, and win. pullets can be just...
  9. Suess hens

    Are my Rhode Island Reds girls???

    I have had one boy RIR and now one girl...yours look like my girl. Yeah for eggs.
  10. Suess hens

    I found a way to get to see cute fuzzy butts again

    I have volunteered to help neighbors, and one family member get their own chickens going. I get the chicks and then brood them until they are ready to live outside. I get to have cute fuzzy butts around and then don't have to worry about DH saying I have too many.
  11. Suess hens

    Any first timer want to start with me? Eggs go in 4/1. ;)

    Quote: You may not need that many, but somewhere those little chickens got the idea that you wanted that many.
  12. Suess hens

    Any first timer want to start with me? Eggs go in 4/1. ;)

    I purposely don't spend much time staring in my incubator because it will only drive me nuts. And I have that whole fear of opening her up and taking one out to listen. I have stuck my ear up against the incubator, but I think I just look stupid doing that. I am sitting and waiting! I check...
  13. Suess hens

    Any first timer want to start with me? Eggs go in 4/1. ;)

    Still waiting on day 22. Starting think I have a genetic malfunction in my chickens....2nd attempt to hatch, all start to develop...then never hatch. I did have issues early on with this hatch (power outage that messed up the thermostat on day 2 didn't notice thermostat issue til day 4 or 5)...
  14. Suess hens

    Any first timer want to start with me? Eggs go in 4/1. ;)

    Quote: I'm right there with you! I just checked. And we have all these baby birds around our house so anytime I hope I hear peeps it turns out to be them. ARG! Stinky house sparrows.
  15. Suess hens

    Any first timer want to start with me? Eggs go in 4/1. ;)

    I am twiddling my thumbs over here! I am 2 hours into day 21 and have yet to see any little signs of fuzzy butt arrivals. AHHH!!! This is my second attempt. Had a brown out on day 2, then my thermostat went on the fritz on day 7. I had two eggs (EE) that I couldn't see anything in when I...
  16. Suess hens

    I hear about bad eggs smelling

    If an egg is bad, when would you smell it? I have never had this experience, that of feeling that I can smell an egg.
  17. Suess hens

    When can you start Hearing peeps

    I have heard you mention being able to hear them inside the shells. I was wondering when you might be able to hear this. Our cat was flipping out a few days ago and staring at the incubator. Just curious if she was hearing anything or just being a cat...she can't see what is in there she...
  18. Suess hens

    Just started day 18

    I am on pins and needles. I have two clean cloth diapers in there for humidity. And now I wait, and stare, and wait, and wonder if I should peek.
  19. Suess hens

    Why must incubating be so stressful!?!

    I wish I knew. But I know the idea of stress!!! I think I have 3 that stopped developing, but not sure, and now I play the waiting game
  20. Suess hens

    Chick Chicks (Pics)

    you only make it harder for me! I want more babies! But DH keeps telling me no. Then again... he said no roosters...our rooster is still here and someone offered to take him. he said no more babies, yet when I put eggs in to hatch in the bator as a "class experiment" he told me to...
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