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  1. countrybum

    Win 2 doz. eggs - ends Monday

    Contest ends Monday evening. Who's your Daddy? What am I? This contest you only get to post your answer once and the person that gets the most answers right is the winner. There will be a number of questions, only 1 answer per person. Duplicates will cause you to be eliminated. Click on...
  2. countrybum

    UPDATE Shipped eggs

    I spent $18+ for 6+ JERSEY GIANT HATCHING EGGS BLUE BLACK SPLASH eggs from a farm, or whatever in Indiana and this is what I received. I did appreciate the 2 extra, but I never expected 4 out of 8 to be broken. I emailed the person to let them know and he/she has failed to respond back. They...
  3. countrybum

    Who is with me?

    Well, my big flop (the death of my chicks) gets another chance. Julie (whom I purchased my eggs from) sent me more and so I get a 2nd chance at having my Blue Andalusians. I also ordered Blue Jersey Giants from another lady that will be going in. I won 6 on Ebay, she sent me 8 and 4 were broken...
  4. countrybum

    Looking for Blue Andalusian eggs

    I just failed my last hatch, but have a separate incubator and wanting to try one more time with shipped eggs. I am looking for a dozen blue andalusian eggs at a reasonable price.
  5. countrybum

    Help my hatch failed

    Okay every time I purchase eggs, they fail. I purchased Blue Andalusian eggs and they seemed to be doing good and the last week, everything went wrong and the air sac looked like 2 big arches. Well I let it go since I saw movement, but now learned that the arches are a bad thing. I had one...
  6. countrybum

    Blue Andalusians - HELP

    Well, against all my better judgement, I purchased 12 eggs from Ebay, they are Blue Andalusian eggs. Out of the 12, I am down to 4, 3 I had movement in and 1 I am uncertain. Today is day 22 and I have my first pip. When would you candle the others, or attempt to help them? I so want at least 3...
  7. countrybum

    Win 15 day old chicks

    This will be my next contest and you can win 15 pure or crossed chicks. Stay tuned. It will be similiar to the win hatching egg Contest (under incubating). I have to get pictures. Okay, I am going to get pictures now. You can only answer once and then I will check the answers and let you know...
  8. countrybum

    Win hatching eggs

    THIS GAME HAS ENDED. Rules: pick your chick and then explain how or why you chose that chick as the answer. If 1 or more chose the right chick, the 1 with the most reasonable explaination as to why WINS. Both questions must be answered correctly. You will be told if you are right or wrong, but...
  9. countrybum

    Birth day pic's added

    Well I am the proud owner of an East German (DDR) German Shepherd male and a West German plush coat female. In January I told my Mom I was allowing the 2 to breed for the last time and then I would be getting my female spayed. I just planned on keeping 1 stock coat female puppy, which I would...
  10. countrybum

    Sold out til next week - Mutt eggs $0

    I have 9 mutt eggs and 3 duck eggs that I will ship COD, today if you get back to me soon enough, or first thing tomorrow morning. I had 3 people interested but none have emailed back and as we all know fertile eggs are time sensitive. I will check my box every 30 minutes to an hour up till...
  11. countrybum

    Butter fingers

    Well, last night I was turning my eggs and I dropped one. It cracked, not busted, and it started seeping a little blood. The eggs are due to hatch on or before the 13th. I say on or before because these are the 30+ eggs I pulled from under my 3 hens. What would you do; just leave the egg in...
  12. countrybum

    My coop, chicks, etc. (pics)

    These are a few of my mutt chicks. My 3 bantie hens. They are sitting on a dozen eggs. My Ameruacan Rooster. My Cherry Egger Rooster (at least that is what I was told he is). At last my coop and pen. This is a full pic. The left side is for my pheasants and my peafowl, more will be...
  13. countrybum

    Have my camera now

    Okay I found my battery and here are some of my recent hatchings of my Mutt chicks. They are adorable and very pretty, can not wait to see what I get out of my next hatch any day now. I just love the color on this chick. This one came back in fromthe baby coop, because she seemed like she...
  14. countrybum

    Who feeds the wild life

    I am just frustrated. In 2006, I fed the coyotes, foxes, racoons and opposums, 50+ chickens. In 2007, I fed them 50+ chickens. In 2008 they only got fed about 25 chickens before I got my coop built for them. Now these guys are so use to coming up and eating, the coyotes are here at 1pm while I...
  15. countrybum

    Hi from Missouri

    I live in Missouri and have horses, chickens, ducks and peafowl. I am not actually new to the board, but fairly new to posting. It seems like a very neat forum and hope to visit and post more often. My hubby thinks I have to many chickens and have no need to hatch more, but through the winter...
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