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    Is this a male or female?

    The breed is Poch koekoek. Having trouble to guess this ones gender. The others are easy, but this one seems to be in between for me
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    Gender of 8 week old chicks.

    Are these chicks old enough to know the bread yet? Can some one please help me on breed and gender of these chicks
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    Are these chicks old enough to tell Gender?

    Are these chicks old enough to see what gender they are?
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    Orbington rooster

    Hi, I have different colors of Orbington hens and looking to add a rooster to my collection. (Lavender, Buff, splash, black, jubelee) What color rooster will be the best to keep with different color hens?
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    From what age can you tell a chick’s gender and how? 🙈🙈
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    Can any body please be tell me what breed and gender this chick is?
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    Mixed chicks

    Hallo, I got a mix eggs from my grandmother... Hatched them in an incubator... Does anybody know what breeds these are? I think the black ones are koekoek.
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    Chick can’t lift head after late hatching

    The day before I helped a chick hatch that got stuck. But I think I waited to long. He/she was almost dry when he/she got out. Since he/she got out he still can’t lift his head or walk. Is this normal? Will it get better? Or did I wait to long and he/she got permanently injured from being to...
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