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  1. JessicaGrant

    Worried - slow hatching egg and panting chick

    Hi all - it has been a loooong time since I did this! I have a hovabator and started 18 eggs a while back - today is day 21 or 22. Yesterday, I woke up to find a chick(!) and yesterday afternoon noticed another pip. This morning the pipped egg had a hole about a 1/4 inch in diameter, and...
  2. JessicaGrant

    Homemade incubator question...

    My kids are building an egg incubator for their science fair, and are working on designing the egg turner. I have only ever seen a turner that goes 45 degrees (or is it 90?) from side to side with the fat end of the egg up. My son has figured something out but it rotates the egg around 360...
  3. JessicaGrant

    Thoughts on a bad hatch?

    I made an incubator out of an old freezer and bought some fertile eggs--6 chicken and 6 duck. I candled them a while back and it looked like 3 of each were developing. Last weekend the chicks hatched and have been hopping around peeping and growing all week. This weekend I was looking forward...
  4. JessicaGrant

    Wanted to buy-3 or 4 laying hens 1-2 years old in MASS

    My flock got wiped out last week, and while I have three 2 week olds I would like to have a few layers. Best would be Black Australorps or Barred Rocks but really, I would take any. Within an hour drive of Northampton MA would be best. Thanks!
  5. JessicaGrant

    Egg shell found outside the run this morning

    I read the list of predators and know it could be a number of things. It seems many of them (skunk, possum--and I know we have possums nearby) would also attack the hens, so I am guessing it may have been a rat. Any ideas on how to prevent this from becoming a regular occurrence? This is the...
  6. JessicaGrant

    My broody has been sitting on some infertile eggs.

    How long can they be under her and still be ok to eat? Yesterday I got no eggs from the 4 other girls so I took a look under the broody. I have her sitting on some fertile brown and white eggs, but there were three blue eggs under there this morning. I haven't been checking under her, just...
  7. JessicaGrant

    A few questions for broody hen experts!

    My seven month old went broody last week and I just stuck a dozen eggs (thanks, redhen!) under her. Right now she is in one of two nests I have in the coop. It is a small coop so I can't really separate her from the 4 others without moving her out of the coop (and I dont' know where that...
  8. JessicaGrant

    Looking for some eggs in W. Mass to stick under a broody

    This is my first experience with a possibly broody hen and I really want to put some eggs under her. I don't really care about the breed, though since I mostly get green eggs from my girls I guess I would prefer a different color so I don't let her try hatching infertile eggs. My kids would...
  9. JessicaGrant

    Maybe a silly question...

    I got my first egg on Friday from my flock of 4 Ameraucanas that are all different ages. I can't do the math right now, but the breeder gave us their hatch dates, 4/16, 5/24, 6/2 and 6/14. I assumed that the egg was from Apple, the one born in April, though they all have gotten really red...
  10. JessicaGrant

    Is it ok for eggs to get cold?

    I collected eggs at 7 am and it was, maybe, 35 degrees out. The coop seemed warm enough, but my nesting boxes stick out the side of the coop and the eggs seemed really cold (yes, eggs plural! I must have two layers now, yeah!) Since I know it is only going to get colder here in Mass, should I...
  11. JessicaGrant

    I found this interesting site...does anyone here make homemade feed? I feed a lot of scraps, and I was wondering if that would mess with the proper protein/carb ratio found in their crumbles, so I looked around on the internet and found this. I love that I have almost no kitchen waste anymore but wonder if I...
  12. JessicaGrant


    Our first egg!!!!!!!
  13. JessicaGrant

    My second grader's teacher called the house on Sunday

    to tell him she got her first egg!!! I am so jealous! And happy he has made a real connection with her around our chickens! He had a really dreadful first grade experience and this year is turning out so much better!
  14. JessicaGrant

    What animals (besides chickens) really don't need that much room?

    I looked at an old farm house today. It needs a *lot* of work, but the price is right and I could live in one half while redo-ing the other. It has a big old barn (that needs a lot of work, too) and a silo, but it has been carved out of protected land and only has 1 and 1/2 acres. Besides the...
  15. JessicaGrant

    I'm out of crumbles!

    Is there anything I can substitute for a day or two 'til I can get to the feed store?? I give them my kitchen scraps, but they still go through a bunch of feed every day. Thanks for your help!!
  16. JessicaGrant

    Creative bake sale ideas?

    OK, so this is not chicken related, but you all are so creative! I have been volunteered to do a bake sale for the PTO. It is on election day and our school is a polling place so we get a lot of traffic in the early morning and then again after work. I don't think the after work crowd is...
  17. JessicaGrant

    Another reason to raise your own... I am not usually afraid of science (I am a molecular biologist!) but it really upsets me to think the people making money off our food are also in charge of regulating it. Also, if food isn't labeled it leaves the consumer in the...
  18. JessicaGrant

    Just saw this on craigslist-in Mass I don't know anything about the "seller" but I would look if I could have more chickens.
  19. JessicaGrant

    Mudgie the survivor is doing well! I'm so proud of my chicken!

    My fist babies died in a raccoon attack. Mudgie survived, but was injured and she now doesn't have much use for one of her legs. A while back I added a few more chickens and they have always roosted together while Mudgie sat on the floor of the coop...I'm not sure if this is because she...
  20. JessicaGrant

    Coffee cups???

    I was looking in the store to buy some coffee cups. I clicked on the picture but it said, "product not found" Are they still available? Thanks!!
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