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  1. Kimberly13

    Impaled wing?

    I went to close the coop/run up tonight and found one of my hens dangling by her wing. It looks like she spooked or jumped up and got the wing stuck on the fence. I held her up and the neighbor cut the fence so we could get her down. It looks like the wing was impaled on the wire, plus...
  2. Kimberly13

    Run is becoming dangerous!

    I have a coop attached to a run that is basically two dog runs put together so they have a large space. They also have the kennel covers tied down to the top of the run so that they are fairly safe. Here's the problem. The coop is set up under some trees and the girls have run the dirt so far...
  3. Kimberly13

    RIR Roo is hopping/skipping

    I noticed my younger roo hopping along like he had a lame leg. I checked it for obvious breaks and could find nothing. Nothing is swollen, but there is some heat at the lower end of his leg. He is also stretching it forward a lot, instead of curling it when you hold him. I washed his feet...
  4. Kimberly13

    Questions about Marek's

    I just had a four month old lace wyandotte die on me. I have been researching for two days and it may or may not have been Marek's. The first thing I noticed was her laying over sideways and not getting up. She wasn't really eating, had green diarrhea and her left eye crusted over. She never...
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