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  1. kcpaull

    Communal flocking?

    We've had a small flock of chickens since 2017. They freerange on our property and sometimes go next door to our cousins' houses but they don't seem to mind them being there. Recently, a neighbor across the road got 4 hens and now they show up when we give out scratch grains in the mornings and...
  2. kcpaull

    Putting Rooster back with Hens

    We had three roosters but kept the two younger ones in a pen by themselves as we only had 10 hens. Long story short, the original rooster was very aggressive towards my husband, then one day attacked my face when I reached to pick up a bucket I'd dropped. The next rooster was a brute and my...
  3. kcpaull

    Broody hens and chick rearing

    A couple of my BO hens went broody about a month ago and after taking all their eggs away, I finally ordered a few Red Sex Link females for them. I ordered 4 and got an extra so I gave 2 to one hen and 3 to the other. All is going well, but I noticed something I hadn't seen before and wondered...
  4. kcpaull

    BO x EE cross laying bantam sized eggs

    I have a pullet that is half Buff Orpington and half Easter Egger. She looks like a BO, but with green legs. She has started laying, but the eggs are tiny blue eggs the size of bantam eggs. None of my other hens laid such small eggs when they first started so I'm wondering if there is something...
  5. kcpaull

    Just starting out in Fort Mill, SC

    We are just starting out with 7 little Easter Eggers. They are are month old today and already trying to fly out of the brooder, which we were warned about. I have a top on them so that won't happen. We're almost finished with our coop so they should be out there soon.
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