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    concerning pattern of strange soft-shelled eggs

    Until a week or so ago I had been keeping my ducks out in their run until 8:30-9 with low-light Christmas lights outside. Then I started putting them to bed and turning off all lights by 6:30, as I didn't realize that keeping them up later than daylight might be harmful for their reproductive...
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    2nd dose of Safeguard?

    I used Safeguard to worm my duck for possible gape worms - did 5 days. Now it's 10 days later and my understanding is that I need to re-dose for any remaining eggs. Can someone tell me if I do another 5 days, or just one more day/dose? Thanks!
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    Duck shaking head and having a new quack

    I'm linking videos of my duck Mable who started shaking her head now and then, a couple months ago. Her quack has changed and that can be heard in the first video. She now has this a more croaky quack that she does when she's eating. She hasn't been herself lately, stands around more staring...
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    First-time molt - is this normal?

    My ducks are 18 months old and this is the first time I have seen an obvious molt for my two welsh harlequins. The first one went through the process about a month ago, and her feathers grew back beautifully and she looks better than ever. My second one is losing a lot more feathers, including...
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    should I pull this scab off?

    I have a very large pekin and she's been limping for about over a month. I don't think it started with a scab, because I remember inspecting her feet right away and thinking she must have strained her leg. But she developed a scab soon after I noticed the limp. I've been soaking her twice a day...
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    What would you do with a feather-puller?

    I've posted on here before about my female pekin Tuppins who has the bizarre feather pulling ritual with my two other female pekins. They allow her to pull their feathers around their shoulders, mostly when they're in the water, or right next to the fresh water. Seems like some mixed up mating...
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    What should I do with feather-puller?

    I've been keeping my 6 ducks separated when in their run and night time coop - for the last 2 or 3 weeks to see if my duck Penny's sides would get better (we'd been treating her for a skin issue since last October). She is getting better, though not perfect. Anyway, I let all the ducks be...
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    swollen foot following bumblefoot and vet visit - need advice

    My duck Polly has been worked on at home for bumble and then we went to the vet and had clavamox prescribed a week ago Monday. At that time the vet said she looked good and he cleaned out the initial infection site, which was right by the toenail. She's been on antibiotics all week and I also...
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    Nutri-drench or Rooster-booster?

    I am wanting to get a little boost for my ducks while they are suffering from bumblefoot. What is best to help them over this rough patch? Thanks in advance.
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    need bumblefoot help!

    I am so confused about why my bumblefoot treatment is not working and what to do next. I have two cases. I posted about Poppy on here about a month ago. I ended up cutting into the scab and doing the whole regimen and eventually her swelling went down, she was walking way better, and though she...
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    Female pulling another duck's feathers

    Has anyone ever dealt with this issue? My Pekin Penny has had 8 months of skin issues I've been trying to get to the bottom of. Just recently I started wondering if it was my other pekin pulling feathers from her side. I separated them at night and just today I am separating them during the day...
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    put pond in sun or shade?

    Would anyone who has a duck pond speak to whether it would be better to build one in the sun or shade? I'd like to build a pond that's about 10x10, so not huge. I live in the Pacific NW. I could pick a shady spot or a sunny area. Will bacteria, or pond scum, anything like that, be more likely to...
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    female feather pulling/mating behavior/Penny

    I don't know if anyone reading this remembers my Pekin, Penny, and all the skin issues she's had and the big mystery we tried to figure out as to what was causing it. After a bunch of trips to the vet and trying antibiotics galore, switching up everything envrionmental, I've given up. She's...
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    Is this bumble-foot

    A few days ago my welsh harlequin started limping. I looked at her foot at that time and didn't see anything, so thought maybe she strained her leg somehow. I've been trying to keep her more contained so she doesn't stress it. Just now I noticed that the center part of her foot was a little...
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    Are "white" fir shavings safe for ducks?

    My husband returned home with three bags of what are called "white" wood shavings because they were out of pine. I looked up online and I guess they're from fir trees. Will these be fine? Thanks in advance.
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    Maintainer versus layer feed?

    Hi all, I wonder what everyone thinks about this article about duck nutrition? I currently feed my 6 ducks layer feed and they've laid all winter. I thought that was what I was supposed to do, however this article suggests it might not be in the best interest for the duck...
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    Do ducks do best with a drake?

    Hi friends, Hoping to glean from the experience of people here. I have 6 female ducks, 3 welsh harlequins and 3 pekins. Everytime they get into their wading pool, and sometimes even outside the pool, they display the desire to mate. At least I think that's what I am observing. They flatten...
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    Anyone do a skin biopsy on their duck?

    I'm curious about whether anyone has ever had a skin biopsy done on their duck. I am trying to figure out next steps for my Pekin duck Penny who has some sort of bacterial skin infection. She's been to see an avian vet twice now. She's tried 5 different antibiotics, injectable meds for...
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    Ducks keep breaking eggs

    I have three pekins who have been laying eggs for the past few months. Up until a few weeks ago, there was no problem with breakage, except occasionally a soft shelled one would be broken. I have two nesting boxes, but they prefer to all lay in the same one. For the past few weeks there's been...
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    Pekin with droopy eyelid. Is it a problem?

    Hi all, I'm attaching a photo of my duck Tuppins, who I first noticed had a drooping eyelid (they both droop a little) 2-3 months ago. Nothing seemed wrong with her, and I just thought it might be a characteristic. I don't know if there's been any change in the last few months, but today it...
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