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  1. HorseGirlCliche

    Times your chickens were the most photogenic

    I’m bored and thinking of the times my chickens were the stars of the show, so I posted this so you all could show off your beautiful chickens and times they were picture-perfect! Here is Fallon, my pink egg laying Easter Egger who loves that camera!
  2. HorseGirlCliche

    Is my Lavender Orpington possibly a show quality?

    Hello everyone! I’ve noticed that my lavender Orpington looked a little more.. fancy. She has more of a show quality body rather than hatchery quality. What do you all think? Also I didn’t know where to post this so I put it here!
  3. HorseGirlCliche

    Is my barred rock a rooster?

    This is my four year old barred rock and I don’t know if she is a rooster or a hen. Can ya’ll help me out?
  4. HorseGirlCliche

    Is my betta sick?

    My betta was all blue and deep red but now he is losing his color. Is he sick?? I’ve had him for about a year
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