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    Where to get exhibiton/show quality silkies?

    Anybody know of a good breeder? Splash and paint preferred
  2. Small Farm

    Wanted: Show Quality Silkies, and Tolbunt Polish

    I live in ID (83644) and will accept shipped chicks. Let me know what you have! Price, ages, colors, and shipping cost. Thank you!!! Braydon (208)477-8six5six (text only)
  3. Small Farm

    Macaw hand feeding formula?

    What formula do you prefer/use?
  4. Small Farm

    When are ostrich chicks available?

    I found someone with 2 months ($250)and 1 month($150) olds and chicks ($100)available in 2 weeks. Scam or no?
  5. Small Farm

    Looking for ostrich chick (s) in Idaho!

    Reply or pm with what you have and shipping, thanks!!!!
  6. Small Farm

    Catalina Macaw Questions.....

    I have the opportunity to get a Catalina Macaw with 2 cages and all her toys and accessories. The lady is getting rid of her because it was her daughters and she went to college. She is 4 years old and semi tame, but not holdable(will not step up). What is a good price for her and everything...
  7. Small Farm

    Help! Found wild duck nest, accidentally scared her off....

    I found a wild mallard nest under a big pine tree in my front yard. I found it because she flew off of it, will she come back?
  8. Small Farm

    Silkie Hens/Pullets

    Looking for Silkies any color, I live in Idaho, Caldwell/Nampa area.
  9. Small Farm

    Let's see your Goose Crosses!!!!!

    Does anybody have any goose crosses? I am sure many would love to see them!
  10. Small Farm

    What breeds get along well?

    I was planning on getting an African goose, White Chinese goose, Runner ducks, Polish chickens, Silkie chickens and Guinea Fowl. I was wondering how well these different birds will get along with each other? Any information you can provide me would be great!!!
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    "I am so happy to be here," he said sarcastically.
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