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  1. egibsch

    Who laid this egg?

    Egg in the lower right corner of pic: We have 7 chickens. We have 3 easter eggers (2 green layers and 1 blue). We have 1 silver laced wyandotte, 1 speckled Sussex, 2 Buckeyes. We've been keeping a chart of our eggs and notices that we have a light brown egg (we suspect the Sussex) and a brown...
  2. egibsch

    Coop Location - INPUT PLEASE!

    We have our coop under construction and are looking at two places in our yard for its final location. We'd love some input! Background Site: We live in Northeast Ohio, where temperatures range from average lows in the 20's in the winter (although sub-zero windchills happen occasionally) to...
  3. egibsch

    Pics of our first flock

    I appreciate all the pics here on BYC, so I thought I'd share our crew! The first group is currently 2 weeks old. Purchased 6 from Tractor Supply (TSC) June 4 (hatch date June 1). 4 Easter Eggers (labeled as Americana) and 2 Cuckoo Marans. We will be sharing 3 of these with friends in a week or...
  4. egibsch

    Too hot to brood in garage?

    We are newbies! Looking for brooder placement input. We have 6 one-week-old chicks in a brooder in the house right now and our coop is in the building phase. We have 4 chicks coming June 15 and another 3 coming July 6 (chicken math got us...) We are using a heating plate (rentacoop brand)...
  5. egibsch

    Hi! New Member

    Are you new to chickens / when did you first get chickens? We are completely new to chickens. Our kids' school has chickens and we have done a little with them at the school. We just got our first chicks today! A few more coming in a couple of weeks. How many chickens do you have right now? We...
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