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  1. Linzlu713

    Help! 7 month old hens not laying yet

    I am a total newbie to chickens. I bought 4 lavender orpingtons that were three days old April 1 2020. They are obviously at laying age now. They look like they are ready to lay any minute but still nothing. One of them sits on ground like she is roosting when they are free ranging but I have...
  2. Linzlu713

    Small Run flooring need help

    yes our coop is roughly 5 x 5 and 64" high roof. there is 18" under for shade. its a 4' wide by 8' run. no roof. Its not like soggy wet there but it rains alot around here and the ground is solid clay under topsoil layer. eventually I will have a chicken tunnel going around garden but for now...
  3. Linzlu713

    Small Run flooring need help

    SO we are newly chicken owners. Getting coop ready for our 3 ( well one Roo too on his way to new home) Lav Orps. We have a 5' x 5' coop attached a 3' x 8' run that is just fenced in. I have ready everything about sand.. my plan is to use chickens to benefit my garden. Their coop will be right...
  4. Linzlu713

    Feeder they can’t dump out

    wow thanks guys!
  5. Linzlu713

    Feeder they can’t dump out

    I’m VERY new to chickens, my 4 chicks are in a bath tub brooder. I got the little plastic mini feeder from TS, but now they are dumping it all on floor instead of eating like proper ladies- lol.. help! What should I do to keep it contained and not waste food that they are pooping in? They are 3...
  6. Linzlu713

    coop paint

    Thanks so much! Appreciate quick responses!! I love “ as organic as we can be” that is my approach too :)
  7. Linzlu713

    coop paint

    Hi y'all! Anyone know acceptable paint to use for coop that I can get at Lowes? I am trying to raise them organically but I am not super stringent with it. just want to do it right. any suggestions appreciated. I am painting over a already painted coop and then we are adding on a run.
  8. Linzlu713

    Scab on belly button of new baby chick what do I do

    My 3 day old baby chick has this rather large scab on her “ belly button area” it is obviously not normal. I am a total newbie- what should I do???
  9. Linzlu713

    Hello from the eastern shore

    Hello out there! I am totally novice want-a-be small flock owner. I have gone through alot with my HOA just to get to a point of being able TO have chickens even though I have 2 beautiful acres in a rural neighborhood.I am about to order up to 6 chicks ( dont want roosters) I also have a very...
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