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    When exactly to switch over to a laying feed?

    Hi Fellows, sorry for this long question! I am a new chicken owner. I have a total of 10 chickens, 4 of these (2 ISA Brown & 2 California White) are now 14 weeks old, while the rest 6 (all Orpington Buffs) are now 12 weeks old. What I have researched so far is that California White starts...
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    Hello from Dunlap, IL

    I am new to chickens and have 10 chicken that are 12 to 14 weeks of age (2 California white, 2 ISA Brown, 6 Orpington Buff). I am new to BYC. I have already been reading posts here for a couple of months and it has been very informative. I am excited to be a member here now.
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