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    How many chickens.............

    You will need a coop to accommodate 25 hens, mine are ISA brown hens that lay brown eggs about 300 per year and only one egg a day. You will need a coop this size: 100 square foot, like 25 x 25 feet. Four sq. feet per chicken. Also a roost and 6 egg boxes, ( 1 box per 4 chickens) Be sure...
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    Grass clippings in the run??

    Yes you can put grass clippings in your run, but don't put too much as grass clippings start molding if in a pile and you don't want to put too much at a time as the hens need to eat their layer feed so they get enough nutrients to lay eggs, or they may not lay good.
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    What height are everyones coop off the floor?

    My coop is ground level with attached run to coop, if it rains, they go back into the coop, they can come and go if it gets too hot outside.
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    Feeling Very Guilty...Need Advice

    There is one other solution We bought a Pet Safe fenceless dog trainer. You put a collar on your dog that is controlled by a main station. It is adjustable to so many feet from your house. Say, 60 feet diameter. The dog will get use to the area. If it goes outside the diameter, then they...
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    Comment by 'Red Star 2019' in article 'Six Tips On Breaking Your Egg Eater'

    I made some fake eggs by taking a plastic easter egg, putting sand in it and glueing the egg shut, then painted it a tan color to match the egg color they were laying. I can tell they peck at it and some of the paint comes off. Mostly, I was in the coop when they lay their eggs and caught a...
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    Aggressive Rooster?

    when you close the coop up at night, put him in a separate cage just for the night and see what happens in the morning when you take him out.
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    Metal corrugated roof! Ugh...

    Put up styrofoam under the metal roof, it will insulate for loss of heat. Put vents in the walls, one on each side, then you can limit the air coming in across the coop, on cold nights, close the vents. Should put in a vent that is optional for opening. We also put in windows that we can open...
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    NEED ADVICE! Have chickens but no coop. Lookimg for affordable options

    You could build a good coop out of waferboard but put a double wall in it. We have an 8x8 coop with insulated with syrofoam ceiling. We have 15 chickens with 6 laying boxes in the coop and a roost. We also put in two double insulated windows for sunlight. It works well, we are up in northern...
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    Found 73 eggs!!

    Don't give them to the chickens to eat, you will cause them to start breaking the other eggs in the nest and eating them. Some maybe rotten, so just throw them out. Apparently, your chickens are running loose with no enclosed yard, time to put a yard fence up.
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    How can you tell which chickens are laying?

    I have 13 chickens. I put the cage in the building next to the coop.
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    How can you tell which chickens are laying?

    I'm in the process now of trying to see which chickens are laying. I put a chicken in a separate cage for 24 hours with food and water. Then the next day, I take it out. If the chicken laid an egg in the cage, I double band it with a small zip tie on both legs, if the chicken didn't lay an...
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    How can you tell which chickens are laying?

    You could get a small cage and put the chicken in it with food and water overnight and if the the chicken lays an egg within the 24 hour period, you know that she lays, then put a small tie around her leg to mark her.
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    How do you find out what hen is eating the egg or eggs?

    I have 14 chickens and they are laying about 6-7 eggs a day. Every day I find an egg that is broken and eaten. How do I figure out what hen did it?
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    Q about feeding mice. **Those against killing mice DO NOT CLICK***

    I wouldn't feed them mice, first all they may have parasites and worms in them and second, they may have gotten into mouse poison.
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    Thoughts and best practices .. older hens

    You can take your older hens and butcher them and can them in jars after you cut them up. The meat is tender as it has been pressure canned. Use it in casseroles or soups, very good. I take the skins off so there isn't fat when you can them.
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    Yolks that won't whisk together for scramble and are firmer than the normal yolk

    Do you have a rooster, if you do, the eggs might be fertile.
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    What is the Best and Safest Way to Eliminate Mites?

    Are you sure they are mites and not lice?
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    What is the Best and Safest Way to Eliminate Mites?

    I use diataemacous earth, food grade, you can put some in their feed for 5 days. Do that once a month. I also, put 1 tsp. of leaf oregano in their gallon of water per day, for keeping them healthy. It works like an antibiotic and wormer too. You can do that every day as there is no harm to...
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    What is the Best and Safest Way to Eliminate Mites?

    Get a small tub (5) gallon. Mix 2 shovels of sand to 1 shovel full of wood ashes and put in tub. Let them fluff themselves in it, the ashes will kill the mites. There, no permethrin or chemicals and problem solved. Be sure and keep the tub half full of sand and ashes for it to work good...
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    The attack of the squirrels HELP!

    Try feeding the chickens in the coop, then put a small live cage in there with some bait, (corn). Small cage for like squirrels, that should do it. I have 15 chickens and they don't eat more then 2 # a day, so your squirrels are really taking alot out and putting it away somewheres. A sack of...
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