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  1. chix4smokin

    Leg Blowout

    I had 200 from Welp and had only 1 with leg issues. He made it to butcher day and dressed out a nice big bird. He was happy so i kept him.
  2. chix4smokin

    White legs

    got them all butchered today and had just a handfull with yellow legs. Thanks for the replies
  3. chix4smokin

    White legs

    Every year i've noticed a few of my cornish cross have white legs. This batch of 200 all have white legs! Has anybody else noticed this? I thought maybe they would change with age but i have a suprise party planned for them wednesday morning . And they're still white
  4. chix4smokin

    Official Contest: Worst Chicken Molt Pictures - Winner!

    lol i got a leghorn this year that i was excited about until it crowed!!
  5. chix4smokin

    Official Contest: Worst Chicken Molt Pictures - Winner!

    Attack Chicken, exactly how many eggs have you gotten from that leg horn "hen"?
  6. chix4smokin

    Official Contest: Worst Chicken Molt Pictures - Winner!

    Alex definately has my vote!!!!! are you sure she didn't jump in the plucker?
  7. chix4smokin

    butchered turkeys this weekend

    they were bb whites and bb bronze. I wanted to get some bronze to add a little color to the flock. Next year it will definately be all white!! The bronze have a black color pigment that stays under the skin and is a pain to clean up. I scalded them and took the feet off, then hand plucked the...
  8. chix4smokin

    So I have heard some things about Cornish X's

    if you feed 12 hrs a day in the day light they will tell you how much they need. it takes time to get a feel for it. It varies alot but your flock will tell you. In the am you will think they haven't eaten for a week!
  9. chix4smokin

    butchered turkeys this weekend

    that was not the easiest thing!!! It wasn't anything like doing the cornish cross. The turkeys are so friendly and happy to see you. They weighed from 18-28lbs. I will definately be doing them again next year as they were actually fun to raise (besides d-day).
  10. chix4smokin

    first egg hanging out in a sack

    anybody else experienced this?
  11. chix4smokin

    first egg hanging out in a sack

    I came home today and checked on the girls. I noticed one of the young ones had an egg hanging out and it was in a little sack. It is her first egg did something go wrong? I caught her and found a perforated part of the sack thing and worked it out. I've never had this before!! I checked on her...
  12. chix4smokin

    5 CornishX I butchered Monday! (pics of finished product)

    from my experience the skin tears easily when the scald is too hot. Get a good thermometer and keep a close eye on it. A good scald is key
  13. chix4smokin

    Unfortunate question

    Why would you go home grown if you're thinking about that? That kinda defeats the purpose. ( kinda like finding road kill)
  14. chix4smokin

    first night out for the meaties, storming and pouring down rain!

    They really need to feather out fairly well before they get tossed out. You can move them out in your tractor at 2 weeks "if they can stay warm and dry!! put a tarp over it if its raining but make sure the ground stays dry. they will still need a lamp for heat until they feather out. its better...
  15. chix4smokin

    in the freezer!!

    We processed 171 cornish-x yesterday. Today we shrink bagged them (wow those work great). I started with 202 and ended up with 171, a little higher loss than i wanted to see but it sounds like i'm not alone this year. I am exhausted but still can't get over my Grampa's smile running the plucker...
  16. chix4smokin

    Albino Cornish-X?

    she was 9 weeks. She is soaking with 176 others in ice water now.
  17. chix4smokin

    Albino Cornish-X?

    So i noticed that one of the cornish-x hens i have had white legs and beak. Has anybody else seen this?
  18. chix4smokin

    Cornish X with back lesions.........(semi-graphic)

    thats from them climbing over each other in a hurry to get fed . they don't feather well there and the skin is tender
  19. chix4smokin

    Meaties legs....

    i've had three this week with leg problems. tonight i noticed another, and they are all smaller.
  20. chix4smokin

    cornish runt

    I have about ten runts in this batch of 200. I always notice a runt or two when they try to fall through the killing cones.
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