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  1. grannymac

    possible leg injury?

    I have one doing the same thing...interested in feedback. Just bumping up.
  2. grannymac

    Barred Rock Contest! (Cuckoo and Dominiques)UPDATE Winners on Page 5

    Yea, Thanks! I'm ready for another contest too!
  3. grannymac

    Cotton Trailer Coop - Please look!

    I love it! Now if you could just figure out a way to lower and raise it, slide back the floor...that would be a supersize tractor;)
  4. grannymac

    Barred Rock Contest! (Cuckoo and Dominiques)UPDATE Winners on Page 5

    Oh I'm sorry for ALL the pictures....newbie at posting pictures here:hide Any way my new babies: Thor and the girls Cockoo Marans Hatched on Feb. 15, 2009
  5. grannymac

    New pictures of my girls!!!

    Opps, wrong thread. Your girls a beautiful! What kind of camera do you use to get such sharp pics?
  6. grannymac

    New pictures of my girls!!!

    Beautiful girls! your pics are so clear what kind of camera do you use? Thanks for sharing!
  7. grannymac

    My new chicken tractor

    Great Job! Looks like the babies a happy campers!
  8. grannymac

    My Coop & Run Finished!

    I'm a newbie here and only posted a couple of times. I wanted to share my coop and run are done! My dh is in construction and well we know how that's going this days, so to keep a couple of his guys busy he brought them out here to the farm and but em to work on my coop and wala I have coop and...
  9. grannymac

    Almost done with our Old West style coop! Pic HEAVY ~

    Love your coop! Mines all done except the door think I may borrow your idea!
  10. grannymac

    Alex the ROOO( pics)

    Love the pics!
  11. grannymac

    The Magical, Wonderful, Whimsical, Handicapped Poop Coop!

    That is so adorable! I woke my napping hubby up to show he that...he actually smiled and liked it after being woke up from his nap!
  12. grannymac

    Chain Link Run Deal Brag

    Oh it must be the day for lucky finds! My dh is removing some garage doors for one of the cell phone stores that are merging and blocking up the holes it leaves, well they also want the "cage" that they keep all their expensive phones in removed, jackpot! It's chain link and he's bringing it...
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