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  1. edgarmongold

    Does my new white silkie roo have slipped wings?

    Here are pictures of split wing and slipped wing. Both are DQ. Photo is dark but look close at lower wing feathers and you can see they don’t fit up like they should. You evaluate each one differently. Slipped wing you want the chicken standing naturally in profile to evaluate how the wing...
  2. edgarmongold

    Does my new white silkie roo have slipped wings?

    Chris is right. One should always refer to either APA or ABA Standards for definitions of terms. There’s a big difference between slipped wing and split wing and how each is determined. Slipped wing you look at the wing feathers when chicken is standing naturally for split wing you spread the...
  3. edgarmongold

    Cute pictures of your chicks and chickens!!

    New Hampshire Bantam Just hatched Couple of weeks First drink water
  4. edgarmongold

    Breeding question.

    I believe by from an established strain and when you mess up because you will as you learn to breed the strain from same source and select one that is strong in the area you are weak in. Chickens are not dogs cats horses or goats etc forget everything you learned from breeding them. It’s a whole...
  5. edgarmongold

    Breeding to SOP

    Chickens are standard bred only what they look like defines them not how many generations they are bred back to anything. What their offspring develop as does not determine pedigree as there are no pedigrees submitted to any organization. I maintain breeding records for my own information...
  6. edgarmongold

    What is your favorite heritage breed meat chicken?

    Good Shepherd Ranch Frank Reese New Hampshire Cockerel Carcasses one a Barred Rock other New Hampshire Frank butchers 16 to 20 weeks old Females annually lay around 200 eggs
  7. edgarmongold

    Where to Buy Chick Shipping Boxes/ Materials

    G B Supply Don’t forget heat packs UniHeat 72 hours $1.70 each sold out until January Other sources quite a bit higher Any tips on shipping 10 bantam chicks in winter months
  8. edgarmongold

    New Hampshire Bantams bred to SOP

    Hatching continues 50+ chicks various ages
  9. edgarmongold

    Interested in your New Hampshire also Delaware

    Interested in your New Hampshire also Delaware
  10. edgarmongold

    New Hampshire Breed for Exhibition & SOP

    Old post but would appreciate any information and pictures of both New Hampshire also Delaware Edgar Mongold PM
  11. edgarmongold

    New Hampshire Breed for Exhibition & SOP

    Little late to post Edgar Mongold PM
  12. edgarmongold

    New Hampshire Breed for Exhibition & SOP

    There’s a thread on here Breeding New Hampshire Bantam to SOP
  13. edgarmongold

    Crosses to make Satins

    Sultans True breeding with more distinct features than Satin
  14. edgarmongold

    What is the term for this comb trait, and how does it happen?

    When you introduced the cushion comb gene into the combination all bets are off on what combs will be produced. Rose and pea comb also bounced all over on types of combs on F1 offspring
  15. edgarmongold

    Genetics question about hybrids

    There’s a major difference between poultry and mammals/people when using the term genetic diversity. Seems like individuals use what happens in mammals should apply to poultry. There are cases where inbreeding poultry leads to problems but usually more due to selection of breeding stock than...
  16. edgarmongold

    Breeding sizes

    Large fowl males can breed bantam females but not recommended. Weight of male is a concern. Bantam males can mate with large fowl females. Not sure how he does it but one will get some fertility. Probably low percentage
  17. edgarmongold

    What is your dream chicken breed?

    Raised a lot of different breeds and varieties both large fowl and bantam over 5 decades but only raise New Hampshire bantams so I guess it would be them.
  18. edgarmongold

    Lets hear about your flock!

    I enjoy my New Hampshire bantams. Most people don’t think of bantams for meat or eggs but a well bred dual purpose breed will surprise you. With weight for Cock 34 Hen 30 Cockerel 30 and Pullet 26 ounces one ends with a smaller amount of meat but enough to warrant butchering excess. Not sure...
  19. edgarmongold

    is she TO OLD TO LAY eggs ??

    I heartily agree on being nice. It’s a tough enough chore shifting through posts to determine what is useful information and what is someone’s opinion. Keep it friendly.
  20. edgarmongold

    is she TO OLD TO LAY eggs ??

    The breed only lay few eggs per year so they should lay for 5+ years with few issues. From just looking at your pictures I wonder if they are old enough to be laying as they are a slow maturing breed. You see and are able to handle your birds so you would know better than people posting on this...
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