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  1. MichiganSilkie

    Silkie Pullets for Sale in SE Michigan

    These blue girls are too cute! We would love to keep them but we can't keep them all! This is a great way to get started silkie pullets without having to go through the guesswork of raising day-old chicks. These little ladies were hatched on our farm on 5/3/20. As with all of our chickens...
  2. MichiganSilkie

    Silkie Bantam Chickens For Sale - $75 ( SE Michigan)

    As hard as this is to believe.... I have too many chickens :p Selling five silkie bantam chickens as a group, four hens and one rooster. The splash rooster is three-years-old, the white hen is two-years-old and the three blue hens are all one-year-old. These chickens were all hatched on my farm...
  3. MichiganSilkie

    3 Pet Quality Silkie Hens for Sale in SE Michigan

    ***SALE PENDING*** Looking to add some cute silkie hens to your flock? I have 3 hens for sale (2 white and 1 black). They have always been healthy girls and are laying eggs to the best of my knowledge. I just have too many chickens and need to downsize a bit. These girls are 2.5 years old and...
  4. MichiganSilkie

    SOLD - Blue Silkie Bantam Rooster - SE Michigan

    SOLD SOLD SOLD "Jasper" legband #71 - hatch date 7/6/15, vaccinated for Marek's, Blue. Proven breeder. 5 toes on each foot. Located in southeastern Michigan See attached photos SOLD SOLD SOLD
  5. MichiganSilkie

    Hi there everyone!

    Hi everyone! I'm pleased to be a new member of BYC. I have a small flock of Silkie Bantams in Michigan. They are positively addicting! Looking forward to chatting with everyone further!
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