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  1. Winsor Woods

    How long will a broody hen usually care for her chicks?

    I have a broody hen that hatched chicks about 3 weeks ago. I was wondering how long she will continue to protect and care for them before they are treated like just another member of the flock. Dan
  2. Winsor Woods

    dispatched a skunk tonight

    I was in bed and just about to fall asleep when I heard a racket outside. After getting my glasses, shoes and flashlight, I finally found the bold critter. A striped skunk trying to get at my laying flock. I went back in and got my .22 and then waited for a safe shot. (I need to get night...
  3. Winsor Woods

    "Finishing" CX's by freeranging

    So I've been trying a new experiment with my last batch of CX's. I had them in the brooder with chick starter (21%) for 4 weeks. Them moved them to the chicken tractor with starter until 11 weeks old. I processed the bulk of them but I chose which ones to "keep longer" by opening up the...
  4. Winsor Woods

    Hock Joint Problem - Chicked culled but thought I would share.

    I had a broody hen hatch out 10 chicks two weeks ago. I noticed that one chick was not able to stand and was only able to move by scooting/controlled falling. I separated him and put him in the brooder and kept an eye on him. Within 3 days he was walking normally and acting like a chick so I...
  5. Winsor Woods

    Great Horned Owl in my Pigeon Loft - Pics (some graphic)

    Yesterday morning, I went out to the pigeon loft to perform my daily ritual of watering and releasing my flock for their daily exercise. I had quite a surprise when I looked in my loft because a Great Horned Owl had figured out how to use my bob entrance and had killed 25% of my flock...
  6. Winsor Woods

    What's wrong with my eggs???

    Today is day 22 with my eggs and they're not peeping, not pipping, not anything. I have then under a broody hen and she's been very diligent about sitting on them. Yesterday, knowing that it was day 21, I went out in the morning to check on her. She had some egg shells underneath her but no...
  7. Winsor Woods

    Incubation period

    I know chickens have a 21 day incubation period. But I'm a bit confused... Does this mean that they hatch on day 21? Or, do they hatch after 21 full days of incubation, thus day 22? Also, when to the chicks inside the eggs start making peeping noises? Dan
  8. Winsor Woods

    Cornish Cross bird with interesting defect

    I've got about 30 Cornish X's in a tractor. They are about 6 weeks old and I'll process them between 9-10 weeks. This morning, I noticed that one rooster was very lethargic and not heading for the feeder when I fed them. I reached in an pulled him out. He was alert but wouldn't eat or drink...
  9. Winsor Woods

    Managing/Encouraging broody hens with a "Broody Box" ***Hatching Pics!

    I've always wondered what types of things could be done to encourage a hen to be broody. Broodiness has been bred out of most hatchery varieties but not fully. I have yet to have a hen go totally broody but I have some that linger in the nest boxes for up to 4-5 hours after laying. Despite...
  10. Winsor Woods

    My First Baby Pigeon

    I'm so excited! My pigeon loft has finally produced it's first baby. I've got a few pigeons that have paired up and laid several clutches of eggs. Being new to parenthood, none of the eggs have hatched from abandonment or damage...until yesterday. Here's a photo of daddy with his little...
  11. Winsor Woods

    First round of meaties for year

    It's finally that time of the year again. Last year I raised 24 cornish x's. I let them go 10 weeks and had monsters to put in the freezer. This year, we want more! I'm starting with 33 peeps for my first round. I had trouble getting them all from the same batch though. My local ranch...
  12. Winsor Woods

    processed my Cornish X's this weekend

    I started yesterday and processed half of the them. I finished the rest today. In all, 20 birds were process this weekend. I spent about 5 hours each day and I was working by myself. I had a drill mounted plucker that I made but I don't think the black rubber bungies are the best thing to...
  13. Winsor Woods

    Great video on making the proper cuts for bleeding out **GRAPHIC** This is the best video I've seen on exactly where and how to cut the bird for bleeding out. Very efficient! Dan
  14. Winsor Woods

    UPDATE: Full Tutorial with Lots of Pics! -- Made some killing cones

    So I was digging through the garage today and what to my wondering eyes did appear? A half used roll of 12" flashing. I had seen some plans for making some killing cones out of 16" flashing and thought I would make the calculations for making a similar cone out of 12" flashing. So for all...
  15. Winsor Woods

    How to correctly give chicks fluids/medicines with an eyedropper

    Hey all, I've had some sneezing chicks lately. Their noses weren't runny and I've used Vetrx, probiotics, electrolytes, and wheat germ oil. This has helped dramatically too. I think they had a virus and just needed some extra TLC to help kick it. Almost no sneezing now. Anyways, one of the...
  16. Winsor Woods

    Obtaining breeder stock for Cornish Crosses

    So from what I've read, a Cornish Cross is a hybrid of a Cornish and a White Rock. Is that correct? I've also read that you can't just get Cornish chicks and White Rock Chicks and breed them together to get the uber-bird. So where does one get the special "mutant" gene carrying Cornish and...
  17. Winsor Woods

    confused about feeding meat birds

    The guy at the ranch store has me all confused about feeding meat birds. I have 24 Cornish crosses right now. They are three weeks old today and I've had them on starter feed. I've gone through almost 100# of starter already and I picked up another 50# bag of it today. The birds are between...
  18. Winsor Woods

    switching foods on chicks

    Hi all, My set of peeps is now adolescent. They are 9-11 weeks old now and around 1.5-2 pounds in weight. I have 3 SLW's and 6 GLW's with two of the GLW's and one of the SLW' being cockerals. They are outside in their coop which has a sand floor. I switched their food from starter to a...
  19. Winsor Woods

    Time for round two with another batch of peeps

    I've got my brooder all cleaned out and reset. I've got an order of 25 Cornish X's and they should be arriving at my Ranch supply store today. Yesterday's high was 109.5 ° F So I'm not positive that the shipment will happen today. Regardless, this batch will have it's own challenges for...
  20. Winsor Woods

    4 week old spitting or very clear vomit?

    Last night I saw, for the second time, one of my GLW's spitting up or regurgitating a very clear but viscous liquid. They appear to be healthy and all act normal. I'm not sure if it was the same chick that did this both times, but I'm wondering if it's cause for concern. After she does this...
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