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    Chicken won’t go into coop!!

    I have 3 hens and 2 sleeping outside on the roosting bar the smaller hen in the coop with a roosting bar lower than the outside one. I’m pretty sure there’s no bugs in there because the little hen inside but big hens not? What should I do
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    what’s the breed? The person didn’t tell me and just wondering!
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    Chicken not really full

    I feed my hen who isn’t laying that is 4-5 months layer feed oyster shells and corn grits and mealworms and she eats it ONLY when the other chickens are not. I have 2 feeding stations and lots of food scraps on the ground and food that they spilled. I always see her eat and dig but why when I...
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    Layer feed

    Can I feed layer feed to my hen who is around 4-5 months old but hasn’t started laying. I think she’s staring to call like the other two hens and sometimes lay in the nest herself but didn’t lay any eggs. The other 2 hens are laying already so I’m wondering if I can feed it to the younger hen...
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    Chicken Coop

    Changed the coop a bit is it better? Added a wooden roof and roosting bar in the coop also removed the ladder with only a roost now. Also added more hay in the run and made a wooden nesting box instead of the foam! And a bit more ventilation not much tho but I keep the door open a little Spent...
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    So today spent whole afternoon changing the coop. Adding a wood roof with tarp on it so run is dry. Will add more ventilation tmrw and nesting box made of wood. I added a small roosting bar for coop and a big one for the run but I’ll let them out in the run since it’s predator proof. What do think?
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    Added roosting bar in the coop is it good?
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    Chicken won’t eat

    Been 4 days since I gave them layer chicken feed from tsc but the hen (the one who gets picked on) eats it but I feel it’s crop still very flat? What should I do
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    Why my chicken lay down on the ground

    Why my chicken lay down on the ground
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    Wondering what breed and what their temperament is like the owner said Colombian rock but I wanna make sure
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    Why is my chicken not flying on my lap

    Does anyone know how to get my chicken to fly on me and sit on me and want me to pet them.. because my chicken don’t rlly run away from me and she loves to sit on me and won’t get down unless I put her down. But I try and train her to come up on me instead of me getting her and I saw other ppl...
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    managing flock

    Do you think my chickens look happy lol
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    Do chicken coop need water in it

    Does my chicken coop need water in it? And can I leave the door a bit open when they sleep cuz it doesn’t close right
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    Is it ok if I let them out at 7:30 ish and feed them water and food in the run and let them in the run. But there’s no grass in it. But after 6 hours I’ll come back from school and let them free range for 4-5 hours cuz of predators. Or while I’m at school should I let them free range all day...
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    Renovating my chicken coop :)

    I made a list what I should change: - more ventilation - change the nesting boxes - add straw in front of the door - extend the down spout anything else to add? see previous threads for pics
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    What breed
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    Chicken feed (cannot find my other thread of it)

    I got the rolling aces layer feed is that good for my laying hens?
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    My chicken so loud

    Why is my hens so loud in the morning? Like screaming and making a low growl...
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    Today I got my hens chicken feed (first time) and they were so happy eating it. And then while I sat down, the smallest hen who gets picked and feathers kinda fell off saw my older hen on me on suddenly flew on me and sat down on me :0 and then I was petting her. Could this be a sign she getting...
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