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  1. canadianhenny

    Hosting a Poultry Swap

    Thinking of having a poultry swap outside at my business in my city (have received permission from the city) There is lots of parking. Now I need tips from the seasoned swappers on this forum. Please tell me what you like and don't like at a swap. Is there anything that I need to supply that I...
  2. canadianhenny

    Bug farm for winter feeding

    my birds thank you!
  3. canadianhenny

    Bug farm for winter feeding

    Does anyone raise any insects for winter feeding? I only have 20 birds would like to have bug treats available all winter . What is involved in set up and maintenance? What are the best bugs? I hope that's enough questions! lol
  4. canadianhenny

    java pros,cons of breed

    Looking for info on javas Trying to figure which breed to concentrate on
  5. canadianhenny

    Feedback on Learning Center "Treats Chart"

    For warm treats I give cooked brown rice with whole milk with a can of peas 1 minute in the microwave make sure there's no hot spots cause they won't slow down to check!
  6. canadianhenny

    Canadians check in here....

    Hi I'm from delburne alberta which is close to Red Deer. I have 9 bantams, 4 sussex, 2 dorking, and 1 turkey pullet. Think I will be focusing on the dorkings cause I love the temperament and they are on the rare breeds list. It's hard to commit to 1 breed !
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