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  1. squeak1387

    silkie sexing

    i have no idea how to tell my silkies apart. they are both about 6 months old, on may be a little bit older, but neither are laying yet. so i took some photos to hopefully clear up my questions. this one i think is a girl, but my b/f thinks is a boy (mainly cause it fought with a game roo...
  2. squeak1387

    peacock for sale

    Peacock about six months old for sale, he is getting pretty big so this is a pick up only. here are a few more pics... if interested pm me i might decrease a little if you are willing to pick up. located in bronson fl (between ocala and gainesville)
  3. squeak1387

    new to peas... questions

    About 6 months ago. They were prretty newly hatched. I know nothing about them, was told I got 1 male and 1 female. Only problem is they both every once in a while walk around with their tail feathers up. I can't tell them apart. So if you guys could help and answer some questions that would be...
  4. squeak1387

    naked neck americauana

    here is an intereting accident that happened. I have a americauna hen who is magic and get out of her pen every day... and out of one of her eggs came a naked necked version of her.
  5. squeak1387

    large lump... need help

    I have a chick about 6 weeks old. she is a turken chochin and polish mix. just recently i have noticed she is forming a large lump on the right side of her neck. any one have any idea what it is and if there is any way to fix it? she seems to be eating and drinking just fine. seems like she...
  6. squeak1387

    genetics i need some help

    So yesterday I hatched out a fluffly 5 toed feather footed naked neck chick. You are probably saying, yeah that's gonna be a show girl, the only problem is the skin is not black. So now I'm totaly lost. What I've read says u get black skin no matter what when its mixed with a silky. And the only...
  7. squeak1387

    6 pure bred SLW

    I have 6 pure bred silver laced wyandottes chicks for sale. Asking $1.00 each. Local pick up only. Bronson fl
  8. squeak1387


    I am brand new to peafowl. I have green peafowl. I don't know when they start to lay, mate or if there is a laying season. Any helpful info would be much appreciated!
  9. squeak1387


    I got my first breeding pair of roman geese today. Any tips? I have never had geese before. Ok I just looked up a pic and they are not romans. As soon as it stops raining I'm going to get a pic and maybe u guys can help me out a bit
  10. squeak1387

    naked neck polish (updated pics x2)

    Apperently my my naked neck cochin, got into my polish breeding pen, and today I hatched a naked neck polich with feathered feet. I'm wondering if anyone else has anything similar with pictures so I can see what this accident might look like grown
  11. squeak1387

    need help identifying disease

    We have 3 chickens who have had swollen eyes. One is looking better, not swollen but still has a little bubbles in her eye. Our other 2 have one eye completely swelled shut. I opened their eyes and rinsed them out with lukewarm water. One of my chickens had a white mass in the corner of her eye...
  12. squeak1387

    broody questions

    I have a broody hen who has been sitting for a bit now. The only thing is I don't know exactly how far she is. Is there any advice anyone can give me on telling how far along the eggs are so I know when I will see babies.
  13. squeak1387

    button quail

    I am hatching out some button quail right now was wondering if anyone has any good advice
  14. squeak1387

    emergency... day olds life at stake

    I have a day old that is limp. Everyonce in awhile it will move, mostly just opening its mouth like its gasping. It peeps very quiet every once in awhile. I need to know if anyone know what might be wrong and how to help it.
  15. squeak1387

    need advise on good bacon wrapped quail reciepe

    This is my first time cooking quail anyone havea goodbacon wrapped quail recipe?
  16. squeak1387

    mating call

    Do both male and female do the call? Or is it just the males?
  17. squeak1387

    help!! salmanilla

    I have a few questions about this disese. Do all chickens have it? How can a human contact it? And if you have had it before, what are the symptoms.
  18. squeak1387

    yard/chick sale bronson fl

    Having a yard/chick sale this weekend. Have a few mutts about a week and a half old. Also have roosters that are 3 months old. 2 EE, 1 minorca, and 3 barred rock. Also have a few 3 mont old black star and minorcas hens to sell. Address is 10990 ne yoth pl bronson fl if you are local and wish to...
  19. squeak1387


    So I have NPIP come by tomorrow morning! I was wondering what all they do?
  20. squeak1387

    EE cockrel or pullet?

    These guys/gals are about 3 month old. some of them i have already figured out are roos, there are a few that it is apperant they are pullets. but then there are these that I just cant seem to make up my mind about. if you could help me sex these it would be greatly appreciated. #1 #2 #3...
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