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  1. P-Funk

    Ever get one of these?

    This wasn't in a nesting box, but out in the coop. Yes, its an egg.
  2. P-Funk

    Solid black with a white spot on its head???

    The best picture I can get. This week-old has highly developed wing feathers so we're assuming (and hoping) its a girl. The guy who gave us fertile eggs didn't have a clue. "What Breed And Gender Is This?" Thank you in advance! Preston
  3. P-Funk

    Week old has escaped!

    The new hatchling has left the coop and run into the scrub oak. Mama bird is keeping a watchful eye but we have 3 cats.I don't want to sit here until dusk, what should I do?
  4. P-Funk

    Does a heated auto-waterer exist?

    I can't find one anywhere online. I know it's early yet but if I need to make one I will.
  5. P-Funk

    Do you have dreams about chickens?

    I was having the strangest dream about baby chicks this morning. When I woke up my B.O. was crowing for the first time!
  6. P-Funk

    Feathered feet - what is this?

    Sorry these are the best pics I could get. This chook was hatched and raised by a broody hen and is scared of people. This hen/roo is 12 weeks old and has feathers on it's feet. It is black and gold and totally new to me. What happened to the section in 'learning center' with all the pics of...
  7. P-Funk

    When do you feed treats?

    I have 6 that just turned 7 weeks old. For the last few days I let them into the coop while the big girls free range. They love to scratch around there and out in the run. For now they are still on starter crumbles but get overly curious when they see treats coming in the coop. Do they need...
  8. P-Funk

    Can they eat waffles?

    There is a freezer full of Eggo waffles here that will never be eaten. Many have freezer burn, some have blueberries. After they are toasted they are near impossible to eat (sat in the freezer way too long). I can't imaging what would be in them to harm the birds. Any ideas? Also while...
  9. P-Funk

    When do you feed treats?

    My 6 chicks are separated from the big girls with their mommy. They can all see each other thru a chicken wire divider. Whenever I feed treats to the girls, mommy runs up to see what they're getting. I don't feel good about putting a bowl of oatmeal (or whatever it happens to be) in there with...
  10. P-Funk

    Goblinproofing a Coop

    The absolute first thing to catch my eye when the home page popped up tonight
  11. P-Funk

    Bird brains can crack nut trading game with self-control
  12. P-Funk

    Hatching WITHOUT an incubator

    I have an extremely broody hen and no roo's. Yesterday I got a dozen fertile (maybe) eggs from a local. Chrissy took to them instantly. She's in a dog crate with hay bedding in a section of the pen dedicated all to herself. Right off the bat she threw out the Leghorn egg, which is sitting...
  13. P-Funk

    Feritlized eggs

    Can you spare a couple fertilized eggs? I live in Franktown but would be more than happy to take a little road trip
  14. P-Funk

    Help! Chook won't leave nest!

    She's been in there for 48 hours and won't even leave too roost, eat, or drink. She's sitting in the one box the girls never use. Whenever I try to move her she tries to bite me. Plus there hasn't been a single egg from any of the chooks in said 48 hours. She's a 1 year old Ancona and there...
  15. P-Funk

    My Ancona won't move

    It's been 24 hours and she won't leave the nesting box. She tries to bite my hand when I go to check for eggs. Should I just grab her or is there a bigger underlying problem here?
  16. P-Funk

    How come the little smileys aren't animated any more?

    Or is it just my crappy computer
  17. P-Funk

    Frozen Bell Waterer

    The girls have a heated dog water bowl in the coop. They hate it. For some reason they prefer the bell waterer, maybe because the bowl fills up with shavings too fast. Any ideas how to keep their 'chook waterer' from freezing?
  18. P-Funk

    Oh, Insomnia

    How I love it so. Not sure where you are but it's 4am here. Not even the puppy can keep up with this one, but he usually sleeps 18 hours a day (lucky little dude). At least now I know what all the animals do at night. If I don't get any sleep soon I may have to continue harassing poor...
  19. P-Funk

    Girls won't eat oyster shells

    I mix crushed shells into a mix of pellets and crumbles. Lately I've noticed the only thing left at the bottom of the bell feeder is shells. They are eating around them to the point where they are jumping up onto the little stand and picking pellets from the top of the feeder. They free range...
  20. P-Funk

    7 eggs from 6 girls

    I think my friends' little girls must have played a prank on me. It's quite possible they took some from the fridge and added them to the collection.
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