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  1. kcan2

    What do you make? Handcrafted / Handmade / Made with Love

    Thank you! Yes, I know she worked hard on all of that embroidery with more skill for it than I have! It would be great to restore the fabric's original color and get the holes closed before framing it. I've heard of restoration for wedding dresses, but not sure if the fabric on this pillow can...
  2. kcan2

    What do you make? Handcrafted / Handmade / Made with Love

    Do any embroidery or quilting crafters happen to know how to go about restoring older embroidery pieces? This pillow was made by my grandmother, but we noticed that the original material is beginning to tear and has discolored. 😟 Any help would be appreciated!
  3. kcan2

    I'm sooooo mad 😡

    Totally relatable! 🤣 Don't ever get grain mites. We had those last summer, and I debated spraying my bed. On a good note, what a pretty little hen! I can see why you drove so far to get her. At least you caught it all super early on vs months from now...
  4. kcan2

    Nesting Material of Death

    @micstrachan I know she recently had to tube feed one of her hens and I believe was able to save her
  5. kcan2

    Should I let my 12-yr old solo hen re-learn to live alone?

    Wow - congrats on having a 12-year old girl! 😲 Are you able to post any pictures of Ms Chicken Little? It is always encouraging news to hear that chickens can go strong for so long. I hope to get at least as many years of enjoyment from my flock.
  6. kcan2

    Comment by 'kcan2' in article 'Using Eggshells as a Calcium Source'

    This is great - all of the best information in one place! Very helpful, easy to understand, and clears up some common mysteries regarding eggshell consumption and calcium intake. I may have just bought my last bag of oyster shells! 👍
  7. kcan2

    I'm afraid my chickens will get murdered

    This is oh so very relatable. I spent hundreds of $ on my chickens (including coop), and don't want some hungry predator outsmarting me. Chicken-related paranoia is real. 😆 I put a hardware cloth apron around their coop AND lined the outer perimeter with pavers secured with landscape pegs...
  8. kcan2

    Such a polite guy...?

    Nice guys finish last! ;)
  9. kcan2

    How do I stop my rooster going mean

    My rooster had a bout of hormones for a couple of months and then calmed down a lot. I had to readjust some of my behavior (no more hand feeding, petting, etc) and give him a little more understanding. Everything worked out well for us, there are occasional spats but only when he gets afraid of...
  10. kcan2

    Where do I begin?

    I have a hen who hasn't laid since November 14! Definitely a winter strike 🤷‍♀️
  11. kcan2

    Black_cat wants to work out more and needs people to motivate her

    If you do one today, it's already one more than yesterday! Maybe I should go do one, too 🤔
  12. kcan2

    I am a little worried about my parakeet

    @KDOGG331 don't you have parakeets? What's your experience with hard hits?
  13. kcan2

    I am a little worried about my parakeet

    It's a very good sign that he was able to fly away by himself. He is probably disoriented, and that is why he is biting. Yes, he would probably appreciate a quiet spot with your keeping an eye on him every now and then. Don't try to handle him too much until he sleeps it off. It probably feels...
  14. kcan2

    I am a little worried about my parakeet

    My parrotlet has taken some pretty hard hits, one took him over an hour or two to completely recover from. He was very dazed. From my experience, letting your little one rest it off is usually the best cure!
  15. kcan2

    Show off your roosters

    Wow! What fabulous plumage!
  16. kcan2

    Supplements anyone?

    How much Nutri Drench would you add to a gallon of water? I have some, but have never been sure if I'm administering a proper dosage amount.
  17. kcan2

    Hawk pre-attack behavior

    I had a hawk stalking my yard last summer/fall. I had been throwing out unused/wet chicken feed by the treeline, which was attracting chipmunks, which subsequently attracted the hawks. By the time I figured it out, the hawks had been scoping things out in my yard for quite some time. My chickens...
  18. kcan2

    Hawk pre-attack behavior

    That's what I thought, too. I know that pvc and plastic netting would need additional fortification to be safe from ground predators, but definitely a good option so you won't have to be right there supervising their entire "recess" from hawks 😊
  19. kcan2

    Hawk pre-attack behavior

    Yikes! It's great that you are supervising them so well, your instincts are probably right. One affordable and quick solution I saw posted on BYC was this run made out of pvc, chicken netting, and cable ties, pictured attached to the coop. It at least will protect from aerial predators, and...
  20. kcan2

    Make Mare Smile Party 😁

    It's Nelly's fault, not yours Mine aren't impressed by Paul Wall's grill, either
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